Facebook Dating Won’t Update My Profile | Reasons Why Facebook Dating is not Working

Facebook is taking its new dating feature up the notch as it gives its users a way to find meaningful relationships via things they share in common. Some users are having issues of Facebook dating won’t update, we’ll talk about it and the causes too.

Facebook Dating Won’t Update My Profile | Reasons Why Facebook Dating is not Working

It is created to evict the boringness of creating an entire dating profile, even Instagram is added, so you can share your Instagram posts on your Facebook dating profile and you can add your Facebook friends and your Instagram followers to your dating secret crush list.

Before we look fully into the issue of Facebook dating won’t update. Everyone knows that looking for a partner is a personal matter, whether you’re doing it online or the traditional method, you should try Facebook dating, you will have the ability to block or report or prohibit people from contacting you in any form.

Reasons why Facebook Dating Won’t Update My Profile

If your Facebook app on your iOS device or android is on the latest version, you will find Facebook dating in a new tab on the main menu of your Facebook mobile app. Tap it to open Facebook dating and create a dating profile. If not, then Facebook Dating won’t update. When creating a Facebook dating profile you will submit a lot of personal details, you can add some photos or details form your main Facebook profile if you want. And you must be at least 18 years to use the Facebook dating feature.

You will also be asked to state your gender and the gender you are interested in on Facebook dating registration, though this will not be shared with potential matches. Facebook dating will only suggest you to people who use Facebook dating and people will be suggested to you in turn based on information and details you submitted when creating your dating profile.

If you have an interest in any of the suggested friends, you do not need to swipe like other dating sites, all you need to do is make a comment on their dating profile or like. Before addressing the matter on Facebook dating won’t update, there is a part of Facebook dating we haven’t talked about.

The secret crush feature on Facebook dating allows you pick up to nine of your Facebook friends that you crush on, they will be notified that they have a crush but they won’t know exactly who it is. If they eventually have a crush on you too and pick you among their crush, you will both be notified and identity revealed. Since we have talked on all vital part of Facebook dating we can now address the issue of Facebook dating won’t update

Sure Reasons why Facebook Dating is not Working or Showing on your Device

There are several reasons why Facebook dating won’t update and why Facebook dating is not working for you. Below are some of the major reasons.

  • You are not up to 18 years of age.
  • You are in a location where Facebook dating is not available.
  • You are not using the Facebook mobile app.

These are the three major reasons why Facebook dating is not working for you. You can always try Facebook dating groups too.

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