Facebook Dating Account VPN Error Review & How to Fix it

If You are using a VPN to access Your Facebook dating account, it might cause an error as it might lead to a dating mismatch. However, check out this post as it will tell You more about this and also bring the steps You need to fix it.

Facebook Dating VPN Error; What's it & How to Fix it

What is Facebook Dating VPN Error

If You are using Facebook Dating via a VPN connection, it can change Your IP address and Facebook could think that You are in another location.

Using a VPN on Your Facebook dating account may cause Your dating and primary location to mismatch. Now, the location mismatch on Facebook dating is a situation where Your primary location does not match with other users on the platform.

With this, You may be asked to update Your dating location if Facebook find out that Your dating location does not match Your primary location.

Bear in mind that  You can continue to message Your existing matches but You can’t make new matches until Your dating and primary location match. Another error a VPN can cause on Your Facebook dating account is that You can’t access all its features.

So, now that You know about the Facebook Dating VPN error, You will get to know how You can fix it below.

How to Fix Facebook Dating VPN Error

So, what You will get below are the steps necessary to fix the Facebook Dating VPN Error as people are looking for it. To do this is easy so and you will not find the steps confusing. So, check below to see them.

1. Disable or Turn Off Your VPN Connection

Turning off Your VPN connection can help fix the error. So, if You are using a VPN to access Your Facebook dating account, ensure to turn it off as this will help fix it. However, if this didn’t work for You, You can check below to see other solutions.

2. Change Your VPN Service

You can also change the VPN service You are using to fix the Facebook Dating error. There are a lot of VPNs that You can use to access the Facebook Dating feature from any location so You can try using any of them. Some of the VPNs are while others are premium.

3. Update the Facebook App

If You are still experiencing any issues after changing Your VPN, You can update the Facebook app. This might be one of the reasons why You are experiencing location mismatch. So, You should try updating the application to fix it.

4. Clear the Facebook Application Cache

Once You are done updating the Facebook application and You are still experiencing the VPN Error, You should clear the Facebook app cache. The cache is meant to reduce load times as you navigate through an application. The cache occasionally malfunctions and might disrupt the application from working.

These are the steps You need to Fix Facebook Dating VPN Error. However, if You are still experiencing issues after following these steps, You can delete Your Facebook dating profile as it might be helpful. You can visit the Facebook help centre for further details.

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