Reasons Why Facebook Dating is Unavailable in Your App Account | CHECK NOW

There is more to Facebook now than you know. Facebook has really contributed more than enough to most of its user’s social life. First, they created a well-secured platform that would help users communicate with one another better and easier than expected and also many other features for users all over the world to get along. Facebook has now taken things to the next level by introducing Facebook dating to its users. Facebook dating came as a big deal to Facebook and its users but some user still says it is not unavailable due to the way it came.

Reasons Why Facebook Dating is Unavailable in Your App Account | CHECK NOW

Facebook dating has lots of amazing features that would live you in surprise. When it came out, most Facebook account owners compared the platform to other dating platforms, and some reviews even saw it as a threat to Tinder and some other dating platforms.

Are you hoping to be a Facebook dating user? Because not everyone who wishes to use the platform is granted access to use it. So, if you are interested in finding out why using Facebook dating is unavailable to some people, then read on because I would be giving you important information on why Facebook dating is unavailable.

Possible Reasons Why Facebook Dating is Unavailable in Your App Account

Facebook Dating Release Date and Countries Available on

Before getting to the main reason why Facebook Dating is unavailable for you, let take you on a walk through its release period. Facebook dating was officially announced in early 2018 and was released in late 2018 in just 5 countries.

Facebook dating was first released in those countries to test the platform, so as to at that time it was only available to five countries. And in the following year, Facebook released the platform in 15 more countries making it 20 countries using Facebook dating.

Facebook was hoping to launch in Australia and Europe by 2020, but due to issues that arose with Australia, the launch date was proponed. Now Facebook is tasked with fixing the issue but until it is resolved Facebook dating would not be available for people in Australia for now. But you should know that the feature is now very much available to use in Europe.

Other Reasons Why You Can’t Access the Facebook Dating Feature

Even with it not available in most countries, you that live in a country that Facebook dating is available in, might not find it available in your own Facebook account. And you might get confused and want to ask why well below I would be giving you two reasons why Facebook dating is not available to you. they include:

Not Available for Facebook Web

Facebook has not officially made the dating feature available for the Facebook web (Desktop site). Ever since the platform launch Facebook only made it available on the Facebook app, meaning without the “Facebook app” using Facebook dating will not be possible.

Available to People Who are 18 and Older

Facebook wanted to make the platform more responsible, so they made it available to user who is 18 and older. So, do not expect the platform to be available for you if you are 17 or younger. Or maybe you used a younger age for your Facebook dating account, do not expect Facebook dating to work for you.


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