Is the Facebook Dating Platform Good or Bad? Check Now!

Facebook Dating is an online dating platform that uses users’ interests and demographics to match them as ideal partners. However, the platform’s increasing popularity has raised questions about whether Facebook Dating is good or bad.

Is the Facebook Dating Platform Good or Bad? Check Now!

Like everything, there are always advantages and disadvantages; the same applies to Facebook Dating.

The platform has many positives, like free for all Facebook app users to use the dating feature. This feature has also made it possible for scammers and creeps to quickly create a Facebook dating profile and try to prey on their potential match emotionally.

Furthermore, the users behind these fake profiles use them for romantic scams. A romantic scam is when a user uses someone else’s identity to create a Dating profile to make users fall victim to them, fall in love with them, and try to persuade or blackmail them into sending money or their personal information like SSN or bank information.

9 Reasons Why Facebook Dating is Good

Facebook Dating is an excellent dating platform. The platform made it seamless for its users to find their ideal match. Moreover, you don’t need to download a new app on your mobile device as it is accessible to all Facebook users. Below is a list of reasons why Facebook Dating is good.

Free Dating App

Facebook Dating is accessible to all users with a Facebook account and is entirely free of charge. This feature sets it apart from other dating platforms, which usually offer premium versions, and Facebook Dating provides all its features to users without any cost.

It Matches Users With People With Similar Interests

Facebook Dating uses a combination of user interests and demographics to match them with a compatible partner. It considers factors such as age, location, and hobbies to find the perfect match for the user. Furthermore, users can fill in their preferences to increase the odds of finding their ideal partner. 

Imagine being able to envision your perfect partner and input those qualities and interests into your preferences. Facebook then scours its database to find a profile that matches your criteria and presents it to you. It’s like having your dream partner served up to you, and you send them a like.

It secures User’s Dating profiles from their Facebook profile

When users create a Dating profile, their shape is secured, as neither their friends nor family can tell if they have a Dating profile. In addition, Facebook Dating doesn’t have a search button, so users can’t just find any users they wish to.

You can Only Text that has Liked you Back.

It is cool to know you can’t get text from other profiles without liking their profiles one of the best reasons that makes Facebook Dating a good dating platform. Users can’t message their match on the platform until they like their profile and the match likes them back. Then, Facebook allows them to text each other from wherever they are located.

Integrating Instagram into your Dating profile

This feature allows users to connect their Instagram profile to their dating profile if they wish to. Integrating Instagram into your Dating profile helps bring more life to Facebook Dating and will enable users to see more about their match.

It allows you to choose if you Want Matches from Friends of Friends

What’s more, in Facebook Dating, you can choose to enable matches from friends of friends that fit your preferences and align with your interests. If this setting is deactivated automatically, it knows not to recommend your friends. Regardless of it, they might make an ideal partner.

Location Flexibility

The flexibility of Facebook’s Dating location makes it unique and a good Dating app. You can reduce or increase the proximity Facebook uses to find matches, depending on how far or closer you want your partners to be.

However, the lesser the proximity, the lesser the number of ideal matches you will get.

It is User Friendly

Facebook Dating is a straightforward, user-friendly dating platform that allows users to create profiles and communicate efficiently. The app provides a platform for seamless communication between matches. Also, it makes it easier to set demographic preferences, block and report or use any other service Facebook Dating offers.

Option to Block and Report Users

The block and report option is a perfect addition to the app. As much as Facebook tries to keep its dating platform safe, creeps and scammer sometimes still find their way around the app.

On the contrary, users can easily block and report other users who violate the Facebook dating guidelines. While also allowing users to block profiles they find uncomfortable and never want to come across again.

Is Facebook Any Good for Dating?

Yes, Facebook is a good platform for dating. Its platform has a dating feature that secures its user’s privacy. Furthermore, the platform is said to have more users than any other Dating platform, as it allows an easy transition for its users to use the Dating feature

9 Reasons Why Facebook Dating is Bad

The Facebook Dating service is not bad, but it does have some Negative sides to its platform. However, if you have ever tried the forum, you would understand the lousy part of the platform has more to do with the users than the platform itself. The following are reasons why Facebook Dating is terrible.

It is like an Endless Cycle

The Facebook Dating platform can be overwhelming for some users. The fact the app uses your interest and preference to give a match doesn’t necessarily mean you will miraculously be perfect for one another. 

Hence, it feels like a loop because you get all these endless matches you can talk to and get to know each other. But getting to know each other with different partners daily until you find one that sticks can be mentally exhausting. 

Exposes You to Romance Scammers

Every dating platform opens you to the risk of falling for a romance scam, and Facebook isn’t any different. Also, the platform has the highest number of users for any dating platform and provides endless matches. This comes with a catch because with that comes lots of identity thefts, whose only gain is to get money from you by playing you emotionally.

Time Wasting

A lot of matches you will get might result in wasting your time. You spend so much time on the app that you would like to talk to as many matches as possible until you find the one you think is right. Finding an ideal partner you want to be with could take weeks or months.

Sometimes, you get along with a match, go on dates, dedicate time to getting to know each other, and it doesn’t work out. Imagine doing that with an endless stream of potential partners.

It Reduces Self-Esteem

Yes, it could reduce your self-esteem. Imagine spending hours texting over and over with multiple partners. That can reduce your confidence to talk to people in real life, leaving you in a situation whereby you always want to hop on the platform and find matches instead of interacting with people in real life.

It Exposes You to Creeps

Expect a dating service as massive as Facebook dating to be filled with creeps with no intention but to ask for nudes and act weirdly. It is advisable to block and report users with such behaviour so Facebook can take action and take down their profiles.

Exposes You to Identity Theft

There are thousands of Fake Dating profiles on Facebook. These profiles use the identity of someone else for malicious reasons. Also, your profile can be stolen and replicated by other users. If you notice any suspicious Dating profile, please ensure to report and block the profile. 

Too Many Options Leave You Indecisive

The vast number of active Facebook Dating profiles offers users countless options for potential matches. However, this can lead to indecisiveness, as users may find themselves texting multiple Facebook Dating matches simultaneously, only to find that none works out, forcing them to start the process again.

Dating App Addiction

The constant urge to check for new matches and messages can lead to addiction to dating apps. Users can quickly become hooked on the excitement of new connections.

It Could Lead to Depression

The constant attention and rejection you might get for this app would leave you disappointed, reducing your self-esteem or making you addicted to the app. All of these can lead to depression.

How Safe is Facebook Dating?

Yes, Facebook has made its dating platform safe. However, Just like every other dating platform, you’re exposed to creeps and scammers, so this is not the only platform You can witness this kind of problem.

With the most significant number of users for any dating platform, Facebook couldn’t verify the identities and intentions of all its users, even if it tried. And no dating app can be expected to remove all the risks of dating.


In conclusion, Facebook Dating is an engaging and enjoyable platform that can help you find compatible partners. As with any venue, there are positive and negative aspects to consider. Striving for balance is a healthy approach. Knowing the risks before joining the platform and finding ways to get around them is essential.

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