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Facebook Dating App Feature – “Facebook dating app download”, since the Facebook dating launch, singles use messenger to date and hook up. it’s a good thing that a lot of marriages and long term relationships actually sprouted from various dating and social media platforms, Facebook, being one of the most frequently used of them all. As time progresses, Facebook continues to improve the quality of the app in every way, making it much more user-friendly and safe against the impersonation of identity. The new dating feature on Facebook is one which we shall be discussing today.

Facebook Dating App Feature - Facebook Dating Connection | Facebook Dating Site

What is the Facebook dating app feature: Facebook dating is a feature inside the Facebook network that works basically like a dating site, where Facebook users interested in dating and relationships meet and match with one another based on similarities in their choices and relationship goals. Facebook dating is a tool sited inside Facebook, yes, it is integrated inside the app, such that you don’t need a separate app for it.

How Does Facebook Dating Work – Facebook Dating Profile

Like a said, the Facebook dating feature works like a regular dating site, where users are matched based on one or two similar activities they like, at least, both parties have to like a ‘ common ‘ thing for Facebook to match them together, say for example, as a guy, you pick avengers as your favourite movie and another lady within your location picks avengers as her favourite, this could be a possible match, it could be a favourite drink, music, event, anything.

The Facebook dating tool requires interested users to have a different profile, now, this profile will only be visible to other users using the dating feature on Facebook, this new profile will not be visible to your friends on Facebook, as a matter of fact, you will not be able to meet or be paired with friends on Facebook, the idea is to make Facebook dating more discrete and personal.

How to use the Facebook Dating App Feature – Facebook Dating Site App

Using the dating app feature is actually cool and easy to use, generally, everything you have to do on Facebook is always easy. Although the Facebook dating feature, still a new rollout, is gradually spreading out to other countries, for more information on countries that support Facebook dating app feature, you may visit facebook.com.

If you’re lucky enough to have the Facebook feature supported in your country, below is a quick guide to help you get started :

  1. Ensure you have location settings turned on.
  2. An active Internet connection is also needed.
  3. Log on to Facebook on your device and fill out your login details ( if necessary).
  4. Navigate to the Facebook menu; those three horizontal lines at the top corner of your screen and scroll down and tap on dating.
  5. You will be required to set up a dating profile where you will give necessary information about your relationship preferences, what you want and other necessary information to help in matching you with potential interests.

Once you complete your set up on Facebook dating, you’ll begin to get matches from other users within a 100 km of your location, where you can send messages to them directly through the dating feature, without reflecting on your public profile and activity feeds.


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