Facebook COVID-19 information Center – What its About & How to Locate it

We are all familiar with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The virus is one of the most remarkable things that happened within the past decade and is sure that this crisis would not be forgotten so easily because it has really disturbed the world. With the issue of COVID-19 still at hand, so many industries and platforms have offered to help and Facebook has also contributed. Facebook created a cent called The Facebook COVID-19 information center.

Facebook COVID-19 information Center - What its About & How to Locate it

Facebook is aiding the global public health community’s work to keep people safe and well informed during this COVID-19 public health crisis. with Facebook COVID-19 information center around passing, the information would be a lot easier and faster for all everyone. Facebook is a global platform with over 1.5 billion telling you that Facebook help would really count for everyone. So, the Facebook information center should be acknowledged by everyone especially when you already have a Facebook account.

About the Facebook COVID-19 information Center

Facebook’s African Head of Public policy, commented on the expansion of the information center on Thursday, April 9, 2020. He said that they built the information centers, in collaboration with international health partners, to ensure that people can gain access to well informed and trusted health sources. According to him, Facebook users would get real-time updates from national health authorities and the global organization The Work Health Organization (WHO).

On the Facebook COVID-19 information center its no doubt FB users will get videos, articles and posts concerning important activities that must be carried out during this outbreak. These posts would help you practice social distancing and preventing the spread of the COVID-19. The platform would be placed at the top of Facebook news feed. and users from 17 different African countries would get the latest updates from their national health authorities. With this support from Facebook, all users would be able to tell the difference between fake and real news concerning COVID-19.

Facebook Contribution to Combating COVID-19 in Africa

Facebook is always contributing to combating COVID-19, like enabling global health organizations with free Ads, authorizing users with data and tools and, they engage fact-checkers to fight COVID-19 globally. With the expansion of these tools in Africa, Facebook would be aiding millions of users with valuable information and local customized alerts on the coronavirus pandemic, thus reducing its impact.

Facebook has also taken some measures to make sure users do not get access to Fake information by prohibiting manipulative advertisement for fake medical items like Face masks, Hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes and COVID-19 test kits. You should also know that providing the information center alone has really contributed to combating the virus. Most people do not bother to read the news but with the center available they would be able to get reliable information from Facebook concerning the pandemic.

How to Locate the Facebook COVID-19 information Center 

Locating the platform is very easy all you have to do is:

Using Desktop

  • Open your Facebook account and login
  • On your desktop you would find the news icon at the top left section of the screen
  • Click it and you would be on information center.

At least with that you should be able to access the information center anytime.

Madago Emuobo
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