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Today, Facebook has lots and lots of users around the world, and every day, Facebook always search for new ideas to make the platform a lot better for all users. as of 2018, Facebook created Facebook dating which shocked all Facebook users using the platform, and now Facebook has introduced another interesting feature called Facebook Avatar. not everyone on Facebook knows about the cartoon avatars which is a free feature like every other feature on the platform. Facebook avatars have taken over Facebook emoji and now most users who already have their avatars created are making use of it.

Facebook Avatars Free - Facebook Avatar Maker Free 2020 | Facebook Avatars Maker App

Facebook avatar is not really familiar to every single user on the platform, so let me enlighten you about it. What are Facebook avatars? Facebook avatars are lookalike characters on Facebook that functions like Facebook emojis, except they are in cartoon form. The characters are not exactly lookalike since users have the choice to design the avatars how they want to. Lots of users on Facebook are already making use of Facebook avatars and trust me they have all had fun using the feature.

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Facebook Avatars Free App

Facebook Avatars app is the app that users use to create their own cartoon-like emoji. The app is free just like every other feature on Facebook, and the most user who hop into the platform always hop out with smiles on their account after creating their own amazing Avatars.

If you want to make Facebook avatars that look just like you for free, you should have no problem doing that. This is because Facebook has lots of option available on the avatar app to help you create a perfect avatar that looks just like you. some of the options on that you would find when making your own Facebook Avatar includes:

  • 27 different skin tone options
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Lips
  • Face lines
  • Face complexion
  • Hairstyles
  • Outfits and more.

With these options on the avatar’s app, expect to create an outstanding avatar that would look more like you or the way you want it to look.

Using Facebook Avatar

If you have paid enough attention to the previous paragraphs you should at least have an idea concerning what Facebook avatar is used for. Facebook designed the avatars for the user to use it for:

  • Commenting on post
  • Commenting on status
  • And for use of showing expression when chatting instead of using emojis.

But aside just using it on Facebook, users can also make use of Facebook avatars on other social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and more. you can even use the avatars to send text messages on your mobile phone.

Facebook Free Avatars Availability

Facebook avatars are was not launched to the whole world, Facebook started in just a few countries, and now it is available in Australia, the United States, Europe and more other countries. The launch is similar to that of what Facebook did with “Facebook dating” the difference is that “Facebook Avatars” launch in different countries is a lot faster that of dating.

But still, in other, for you to make use of Facebook avatars you would need to be in a country with the avatars feature available in it.

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