Facebook Avatar on Mobile – CREATE YOUR AVATAR ON FACEBOOK – Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatar is a feature on Facebook that is more often used on the mobile app, which allows users to create their virtual look-alike in order to use them as a replacement for stickers or emoji. Generally,  the Facebook feature helps you as a user, say goodbye to expressing your emotions using just the generic happy, angry, sad, thumbs up emoji and so on rather, it provides you with even more expressive means of showing your emotions.

Facebook Avatar on Mobile - CREATE YOUR AVATAR ON FACEBOOK - Facebook Avatar

The Facebook Avatar is basically Facebook’s version of Snapchat Bitmoji feature. Facebook Avatar on Mobile was first introduced in 2019 and the feature has since been made available in Australia, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand where it has proven to be a huge hit especially in these times where physical interactions are limited. Over time, Facebook Avatar app was made available to Facebook users in the United States of America and in India afterwards and in the same vein, will be made available to the rest of the world

Features of Facebook Avatar on the Facebook Mobile App

Facebook Avatar may seem a little silly to some but it provides users with a form of self-expression that is limited on generic emoji and stickers. Furthermore, these Avatars are virtual look-alike of the users hence, making it more fun than you may actually think. Although one can argue that the inspiration of this Facebook feature is drawn from the popular Snapchat Bitmoji, Facebook Avatar app possesses features that are unique. Some of these features are;

  • Facebook Avatar app is user friendly and has been set up to make the customization process easy to navigate through
  • It has an expanded range of Avatar customization which includes varieties of new outfits, hairstyle and complexion.
  • It can also be used in your Facebook gaming profile and Facebook plans on making Facebook Avatar available for text posts.
  • The app allows Facebook users to set up their Avatar from either the comment field or Facebook Messenger.

On the digital platform, some comments or text messages can be misconstrued and be taken offensive when in actuality you meant to joke. The Facebook Avatar app provides users with the help of indicating the tone or lightness of your comment or message in order to avoid any misinterpretation.

How to Create Your Very Own Facebook Avatar on the Facebook Mobile App

This Facebook feature, Facebook Avatar app, gives users the opportunity to create a digital character which looks like them and can be used in comments, Messenger and Facebook stories. However, you have to familiarize yourself with how to create a Facebook Avatar on the Mobile app. Below are the following steps;

  1. Open the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device and click on the three horizontal lines at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  2. Scroll down and click on “See more”
  3. Tap “Avatar”
  4. Click on “Next” to get started
  5. Select the skin tone that best fits yours and tap “Next”
  6. Go through each section of hairstyle, hair colour, eye shape and colour, eyebrows, nose shape, face shape, facial hair, body shape, outfit, etc. Then customize your avatar to your liking. Additionally, if you want to get down to the extreme details there is a section for complexion and face lines.
  7. Tap the checkmark at the top right corner of the screen when you are done customizing.

Click on “Next” and then “Done” to see your Avatar in different expressions. Simply click on the smiley face that is next to the GIF icon to use your Avatar when making comments.


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