Facebook Avatar Link – CREATE MY AVATAR IN FACEBOOK FREE – My Facebook Avatar Cartoon Character

It’s time to say goodbye to the good old days when we had to express our emotions in Facebook through the happy, sad, angry, thumbs up and thumbs down emojis, the roll-out of the Facebook Avatar 2020, we can now express our emotions our way on our terms and mood, as we shall be seeing in the later sections of today’s article.

Facebook Avatar Link - CREATE MY AVATAR IN FACEBOOK FREE - My Facebook Avatar Cartoon Character

Before we talk about Facebook Avatar 2020, let’s take a moment to reflect why Avatar may be the best way to express our emotions on social media, given the fact that we tend to express ourselves more in these platforms these days. An Avatar can be described as a graphical representation of someone’s character, mood or alter ego, as the case may be. These Avatars are meant to represent our personalities, especially on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Facebook Avatar 2020 is an initiative that allows us to interact and engage in an even more authentic way with friends and family online. You can create an Avatar of yourself and use them in the comments section of Facebook, Facebook Messenger and also on your Facebook stories, as you may choose to for your own pleasure.

How to Make (and Show Us) Your Facebook Avatar

There are so many of us that can’t wait to get our hands on this exciting feature on Facebook, the steps are pretty much the same regardless of whichever operating system you’re using. I’ve highlighted the steps for how to use and create our own Facebook Avatar below:

  1. Launch your Facebook app on your device and tap on the three horizontal lines at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  2. Scroll down and tap “ See More “
  3. Go on to tap on “ Avatars “
  4. Tap “ Next” then “ Get Started” in that order
  5. Choose a skin tone that matches your complexion best.
  6. Now, what’s next is making your Avatar look just like you. In details, you may have to go through the face, hairstyle, eye shape, hair colour, eyebrows, nose shape, body shape, outfit and so on to customize it best to your preference, and if you’re not exactly clear on what you look like, you could tap on the mirror icon on the top right corner of your screen to launch your phone’s selfie camera.
  7. When you’re done customizing your Avatar to your own preference, tap the tick mark on the top right corner of your screen to continue.
  8. Tap Next once the screen loads completely and then tap Done.

And there you have it! You’ve just finished setting up your Facebook Avatar. You can go on to tap on the arrow sign at the top right corner of your screen to share your Avatar to your Facebook feed, you could also use it as a temporary profile picture.

More About the Facebook Avatar

If you want to check on other Avatar stickers available, tap on the sticker icon designed like a smiling square just below the arrow you used to share it to your news feed, and then tap on the pencil icon.

If you want to use your Avatar when making comments, you could simply tap on that smiley face that is just next to the gif icon, from here you tap on the Avatar icon on the bottom of the screen.


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