Everything You Need to Know About the Facebook Dating App Feature

in this content I would be giving you Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Dating so just sit back as I walk you through. The Facebook dating app is the new feature introduced into the Facebook social media platform. While it is no strange thing to see people turn Facebook into a dating app, either by sending unsolicited photos via Facebook messenger, starting something up with one of your Facebook friends or generally stalking people’s pages, Facebook has made its own official.

The Facebook dating app which was launched in 2018 officially as a feature of Facebook allows you to connect with like minds based on common interests. It is designed to take you from behind the computer into real-life dates.

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Facebook Dating Features

This app is not a separate app. It is actually built into the already existing Facebook this app has amazing features.it is created in a way in which people on your Facebook account do not see what is happening in your dating profile. Below are the features of the app

  • You will get matches based on common interests and not on profiles: the product manager for the Facebook dating app is making it easier for users to find matches based on things they have in common. if you are interested in someone, you simply drop a comment on their profile or tap the like button. If you are not interested, you can simply pass on them. Facebook will not match you, friends, by default.
  • Plenty of ways available to guard your privacy and safety on Facebook dating: you may feel at ease with the Facebook “share live location” feature if safety concerns are a reason why you have stayed away from online dating. this feature allows the app users to share information on time, date, and location of their upcoming dates to trusted friends through messenger. The app is an opt-in platform so when you sign up, your name and age alone will be carried away from your Facebook profile to Facebook dating. So, you get to choose any other information you wish to share on the app. You literally don’t have to worry about your privacy.
  • There are no extra purchases required: Facebook dating is not like other dating apps that require money or a premium account, it is totally free. This app is an opt-platform which means as a regular Facebook user, you will not be enrolled in the app unless you sign up yourself.

How Facebook Dating Works

The app works in a very simple way. You first of all need to have a Facebook account so you can be able to access the dating app.

– Accessing the Feature

Go to the menu icon on the Facebook app located on the right side of the screen and tap dating. If you cannot see the dating option, then all you need to do is tap the more options button. you will be taken to the dating section, click the get started button and follow the instructions to set up a profile.

– Creating a Facebook Dating Profile

Specify the gender you want, location, and add up a photo. Facebook will automatically generate your dating profile. You can make the profile look like how you want it by adding pictures, removing things, and adding Instagram posts by tapping on the preview profile. Click done if you are okay with the profile.

– Getting Matched with Others

Facebook will start sending you matches which might take days. If you like the match, click the heart icon on your dating feed. You can start up a conversation with your matches by tapping their profile photo and the option for messages will appear. Messages can be accessed by tapping the conversation button at the top of the feed screen.

If you want to access people who have similar interests as you, you can go to the menu and tap suggestions from your events or suggestions from your group or event. Slide the button next to it and tap see suggested matches.

– Facebook Dating Secret Crush Feature

Do you have a crush on someone and want to use the Facebook app to meet up? The Facebook secret crush feature allows you to add up to nine Facebook friends or Instagram followers and will notify them that someone has a crush on them through the app if they have a dating profile.

To add a secret crush, you need to go to the menu and tap go-to a secret crush. tap got it and then tap the + icon. Search for the name of your crush and add them by tapping the + icon close to their names.

How to Delete the Facebook Dating Profile

If you think you have found your soulmate and you don’t need the dating profile anymore or you are having second thoughts about using it, deleting the dating profile can be very easy. It will not affect your other profiles so don’t worry. Go to the menu options, tap the icon on the top right side of your screen, click delete profile under the general section, and then tap delete.

  • Are you ready to find the love of your life? If yes, just make sure you are 18 or probably older than that then go right ahead and download the latest feature of the Facebook app.
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