Edo University Iyamho Academic Calendar for 2020/2021 Academic Session | CHECK NOW

This post has been written to give detailed information about Edo University Iyamho Academic Calendar for the 2020/2021 Academic Session. The academic calendar for the commencement of academic activities of Edo University, Iyamho (EUI) for the first and second semester for the 2020/2021 academic session has been released by the management of the institution.

Edo University Iyamho Academic Calendar for 2020/2021 Academic Session | CHECK NOW

Edo University 2020/2021 Academic Session Calendar

First Semester Calendar (17 weeks)

The academic activities for the 2020/2021 first semester has been scheduled to run as follows:

Date Academic Activities
23/11/2020 Course Registration for 1st Semester 2020/2021 Academic Session on AIS platform online for Returning students from their homes
30/11/2020 Lectures commence for returning students on the CANVAS Learning Management System (LMS) Platform online from their homes
05/12/2020 Physical Resumption on campus by Newly Admitted Students
07/12/2020 Lectures commence for newly admitted students For 1st Semester 2020/2021 Academic Session.
15/12/2020 Lectures begins for 1stSemester 2019/2020 Academic Session
31/10/2019 Deadline for Course Registration for newly admitted students
15/12/2020 Closure of Course Registration for returning students for 1st Semester 2020/2021 Academic Session
15/12/2020 –06/01/2021 Christmas break (3 weeks)
09/01/2021 All (Old & New) students return to campus after Christmas break
11/01/2021 1st Semester Lectures continue after Christmas break physically on campus for all (Old & New) students
29/01/2021 Orientation for New Students
12/02/2021 Matriculation of New Students
23/03/2021 Founder Day Celebration
26/03/2021 End of 1st Semester Lectures for 2020/2021 Academic Session. (12 weeks)
29/03/2021 – 02/04/2021 Revision (1 week)
03/04/2021 General Studies Examinations (GST)
05/04/2021 – 15/04/2021 1st Semester Examinations begin in all Faculties
16/04/2021 1st Semester Examinations Ends
17/04/2021 – 07/05/2021 Students go down for 1st Semester break (3 weeks)

Second Semester Calendar (15 weeks)

Date Academic Activities
08/05/2021 Students come into Residence for 2nd Semester 2020/2021 Academic Session
10/05/2021 – 14/05/2021 Course registration for 2nd Semester 2020/2021
17/05/2021 2nd Semester Lectures begin for 2nd Semester
06/08/2021 2nd Semester Lectures ends (12 weeks)
06/08/2021 Revision (1 week)
16/08/2021 General Studies Examinations
23/08/2021 2nd Semester Examinations begin for all Faculties
04/09/2021 End of 2nd Semester Examinations 2020/2021 Academic Session
05/09/2021 Students go down for the end of session 2020/2021 (Long Vacation Break)
01/10/2021 – 15/10/2021 Departments/Faculty Boards of Studies meet to Consider 2020/2021 Academic Session Results
18/10/2021 – 22/10/2021 Senate meets to consider 2020/2021 Academic Session Results
20/11/2021 New students come into Residence for 2021/2022 Academic Session