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Facebook Gameroom is one aspect of Facebook that really got mots Facebook account owners talking. The Gameroom is a platform where Facebook account owners get to play lots of amazing online games for free. if you have used Facebook well enough before, then you should know that Facebook is always trying to bring people together in the best way they can. In this article, we going to teach you how to download and install the Facebook Gameroom app.

Download Facebook Gameroom App

First Facebook Gameroom which is a PC app made by Facebook, is an entertainment section on Facebook that holds lots and lots of games that are very interesting to play and relax after doing some serious work on the web. In case you do not know, Facebook Gameroom can only be accessible using a PC. and most games found on the Google PlayStore is available on Facebook Gameroom, at least that should tell what you are dealing with.

If you have been using Facebook before especially on your mobile device, you should have at least heard of Facebook instant games. Facebook instant games is not Facebook Gameroom they are different. Facebook instant games are filled with short games that you can just play to pass time, while Facebook Gameroom is the real deal. If you noticed, I stated that most games on the Gameroom can be found on Google PlayStore, showing you what you are up for. So, with that said I will be giving you the real deal by showing you how to download Facebook Gameroom app.

How to Download Facebook Free Gameroom App | Facebook Gameroom Download and Install

The first thing to note is that you can only download the Facebook Gameroom app on PCs. so if you do not have a PC, you cannot access the app. However, if you want to download the Gameroom on your PC, your PC must be windows 7 and above. Most of Facebook account owners who try to use the app always get confused because they do not know the requirements to run the platform. and they feel it is very difficult to access, download and even install. Well below I would be giving you steps on how to download Facebook Gameroom app:

  • First, open your web browser on your PC
  • Then visit
  • Click the download Gameroom icon or free install.

Once the download process is done, Facebook Gameroom automatically collate all the free games and they would be displayed on your Facebook Gameroom app. Another thing you need to take note of is that the app is only available on Windows OS and not on Linus and Mac OS.

How to Download and Play Facebook Gameroom Games 

In other to play Facebook Gameroom games, you need to follow the steps I will be stated below. First, log in your Facebook account on your computer or PC. The Gameroom app does not require a system with higher requirements to run so you do not have to worry about hanging.

  • Launch the Gameroom app.
  • All the games you need and have played will appear on Facebook Gameroom app. If you have been playing any game on the Gameroom before it would appear on the app with your existing levels and rewards.
  • Click the game you want to download and with that, you would download the game.


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