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To buy birthday gifts for in-laws in December can be tricky, but it’s a great way to show how much you care. Whether you’re searching for the perfect birthday present or want to let them know you’re thinking of them.

54 December Birthday Gifts to Buy For Your In-Law

There are many great options available. Moreover, this article will explore some of the best gifts you can buy for your in-laws, either the father or mother, this December. Also, whether you’re shopping for something special to hand over as a birthday gift that will wow you, these gift ideas for your in-law are sure to put a smile on their faces.

9 December Birthday Gifts To Buy For Mother In-law

These are the best birthday gifts, and they are as follows;

1. Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

This gift will keep your mother-in-law entertained during the week between Christmas and New Year’s when there is nothing to do. And it isn’t just a jigsaw puzzle, though. It’s also a murder mystery game.

Moreover, it is guided by a narrative rather than a visual. Also, this puzzle will reveal clues piece by piece until she discovers the culprit and finishes the puzzle. If you know she’s a skilled detective and puzzler, gift her both crime games to solve.

2. Symbolic Glass Keepsake

Secondly, we’ve officially found the most thoughtful birthday gift for your mother-in-law. This handmade recycled glass globe features a vibrant tree to symbolize family ties. Of course, the pink and yellow ornament represents motherhood, showing her how much you value her support and guidance.

However, you can also shop for a rainbow globe to represent family or a white, yellow and purple one for grandparents. Just pair whichever you choose with the iron display stand so she can immediately show it off.

3. The Birth Month Flower Pendant is one of the Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

Regarding good gifts for your mother-in-law, jewellery is a classic option—especially when it has a symbolic meaning. Each of these pendant necklaces is stamped with a birth flower for each month of the year. They come in sterling silver, gold-filled, rose gold-filled finish, and two chain-length options.

Also, you can even choose a smaller charm size to get a piece that suits her style. Indeed, given the personalisation, we love this as a birthday gift for your mother-in-law.

4. Fun Learning Experience

In addition, are you looking for a present that your mother-in-law can have fun with? Sign her up for an “Uncommon Experience” by Uncommon Goods. Many unique online activities include flower arranging, painting and astrology chart reading. Besides, most classes have a physical gift set that’ll make participating a breeze. For this reason, if you’re close, she may even let you sit in on a class with her—hello, bonding!

5. Gorjana Pearl Bracelet

Help your mother-in-law accessorize with a trendy but timeless pearl bracelet. Again, this beaded strand comes with an 18K gold-plated clasp and is compatible with charms for a thoughtful extra touch. Moreover, this sweet and luxurious gift for your mother-in-law will be just the finishing touch her holiday outfit needs.

6. Wooden Reading Valet: Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

Furthermore, if your mother-in-law always talks about her latest favourite book, this wooden valet will show her you’re invested in her hobbies. Thus, the unique holder will save her spot (without breaking the book spine) and hold her reading glasses, beverage and phone.

However, she can carry it around the house to all her favourite cosy nooks or leave it on the bedside table to organize all her reading essentials. Adding a steel bookplate, You can make it an even more perfect gift for your mother-in-law, who moonlights as a librarian.

7. Wine Tasting Experience

What’s the next best thing to taking your mother-in-law on a wine-tasting trip? Bringing wine country to her! In Good Taste offers 10 different curated gift boxes of reds, whites and rosés to choose from, transporting her to the Golden State with every sip. Again, the set includes four to 24 wines, each bottled in convenient 187-millilitre quantities, allowing her to enjoy one glass at a time. Fingers crossed, she shares!

8. Smart Planter

Additionally, the Click and Grow Bright Garden is one of the most popular gift ideas for in-laws—and for a good reason. It makes growing veggies, herbs or flowers a straightforward task by automating light, water and nutrient levels all on its own. (So convenient!). Indeed, she will appreciate it.

9. Monthly Tea Delivery is Also Among the Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

They’ll deliver unique blends of packaged or loose-leaf tea straight to her door each month for your choosing. In addition, you can download and print a gift card for her or schedule a special email to reveal your gift.

9 Birthday Gifts To Buy For Father In-law

The first step to finding your father-in-law’s best gift is considering his interests. No matter his personality or hobbies, we have gift ideas for every type of father-in-law—even the ones who seemingly have everything. And there are;

1. Brain Teaser Puzzle

Firstly, if you need a birthday gift for a father-in-law who already has everything, you must think outside the box. Thankfully, this gift idea does just that. This handheld wooden brain teaser requires challengers to move a ball through tiers, corridors and gears until it “escapes.”

Trust us, it sounds easier than it is and would be an excellent gift for any father-in-law, especially if he loves to fiddle or always needs to stay busy.

2. MasterClass Subscription

If there is one thing your father-in-law has always encouraged, never stop learning. And he indeed leads by example, making membership to MasterClass—an online streaming platform for curious minds. Moreover, with it, he’ll score access to hundreds of classes led by the world’s top experts, like writing lessons from James Patterson, etc. Of course, trust us, this gift will impress your father-in-law.

3. Baseball Board Game: Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

Thirdly, do you and your father-in-law share a mutual love of baseball? Bring the thrill of the ballpark home with this old-fashioned board game decorated with the logo of his favourite MLB team. Besides, roll the dice to move players around the board and keep score using the dry-erase board.

Play ball! Even his grandkids will be excited about this game.

4. Stadium Wall Art

Every dedicated sports fan has a favourite stadium, whether your father-in-law has fond memories from his childhood or college athlete days or is a season ticket holder. In that case, no more wondering what to get your father-in-law, a major sports fan.

5. Deluxe Spices for a Barbecue

Additionally, every season can be grilling if you have the passion for it—and your father-in-law certainly does. This gift set of smokey gourmet spice blends includes a Brisket of Love Barbecue Rub. Moreover, his marinades and seasonings just got even better.

6. Heavy-Duty Apron is on the List of Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

Any good cook needs a trusted apron, and Hedley & Bennett has a monopoly on just that. Top chefs worldwide love their smocks for their industrial-grade quality and streamlined aesthetic.

This heavyweight option uses soy wax-coated cotton for a kitchen style that is water- and stain-resistant. Indeed, your father-in-law will be prepared for any holiday culinary snafu—even red wine.

7. Kabob Grilling Baskets

Real talk: Skewers are more problematic to prep and cook than most recipes let on—but they don’t have to be. These kabob grilling baskets ensure chicken and veggies don’t fall between the grill grates, and everything gets an even cook. So, we can’t think of a more brilliant invention or father-in-law gift.

8. Soft Pullover

Furthermore, some of the softest loungewear for in-laws comes from Outdoor voices. And this particular quarter-zip—made from a breathable and lightweight fabric—is perfect for your father-in-law. Further, it’ll add a warm layer to his outdoor adventures in the woods or keep him cosy while grilling in the winter. Even better, the pullover is wrinkle-resistant, making it ideal for travelling.

9. Ribbed Cashmere Hat and Scarf Set: Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

Lastly, if your father-in-law is cheering on the sidelines of every sporting event for his grandkids, no matter how chilly the bleachers get—then help him buddle up for the game with this luxe gift set.

It includes a matching beanie and scarf made from ultra-soft cashmere in six neutral knit colours. And, thanks to the one-size-fits-all nature of winter accessories, you won’t have to worry about buying the correct size.

9 Birthday Gifts To Buy For Daughter In-law

Shopping for your daughter-in-law may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Below are the gifts you can get for her.

1. Euow Travel Cosmetic Bag

She’ll be ready to visit thanks to her new portable cosmetic barrel bag. Since it has a drawstring, it’ll be easy for her to open and close when needed—and she’ll be able to say goodbye to those finicky zippers. Moreover, she can take it along for any occasion.

2. “Cheats To Adventure” wine glasses

Secondly, these “Cheers To Adventure” wine glasses are the perfect way to show your daughter-in-law how excited you are to spend the next chapter of your lives together. Give them to her alongside her favourite bottle so she can use them ASAP.

3. Southern Living Modern Stainless Steel Hammered Cocktail Shaker: Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

Further, give her this stainless steel cocktail shaker to make her happy hour even happier. In addition to creating delicious cocktails, it’ll create a modern mood in her kitchen, bar area, or wherever she stores it.

4. Foton Pearled Candle

Indeed, this gift is perfect for a daughter-in-law who loves candles but doesn’t love the waste that comes with them. She can light her home time with the Arkansas-based brand’s reusable powdered sand candle kit. To use, she’ll need to pour the pearls into a container of her choosing, insert the wick, light, and enjoy.

5. Vera Bradley Short Sleeved Pajama Set

Sleeping in the South can get hot, so this breathable cotton pyjama set is a great gift. Thus, this pyjama set comes in various Vera Bradley’s signature patterns. So you can choose one that best matches her sense of style.

6. BoutiqueHeritage Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board is also one of the Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

She’ll instantly feel part of the family after you give her this custom, handwritten family recipe cutting board. Whether you engrave your best cornbread or sweet potato pie recipe, it’ll remind her of you during every use.

7. Well People Power Palette Powder Face Trio

Furthermore, if your daughter-in-law is all about plant-based ingredients, she needs this powder face trio in her makeup drawer. Whether she’s looking to create rosy cheeks or add shimmer to her nose, this bronzer, blush, and highlighter palette will do the job.

8. Shiksona Work Hard/Play Hard Lipstick

For a lipstick that any daughter-in-law will love, it’s Work Hard/Play Hard from a Virginia-based beauty company. Besides, this lipstick’s unique dual-coloured split bullet can create an ombre lip look.

9. UrbanStems Flower Subscription is on the List of Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

Finally, it’s hard to go wrong with an UrbanStems subscription for the daughter-in-law who loves flowers. Whether she prefers classic or sophisticated blooms, there’s a subscription box that will make her (and her nose) happy.

9 Birthday Gifts To Buy For Your Son-in-law

Want to impress your child’s spouse with a thoughtful present? To help you out, we’ve put together this practical guide filled with great gifts for your son-in-law.

1. The Chance to Learn a New Skill

Firstly, experiential gifts are excellent if you’re shopping for a son-in-law who has everything. Uncommon Experiences has dozens of virtual classes, from mixology and cooking to painting lessons, so you’ll find an option that appeals to his interests. It’ll be unlike any gift he’s received before, and he might even let you sit in on the class with him for some in-law bonding.

2. A Gadget to Keep His Beer Cold

Upgrade your son-in-law’s side table with this clever device. Not only is it a wireless charger, but it’s also a temperature-regulating coaster that will keep his drink hot or cool. He can kick back after work with a cold beer and his phone conveniently next to him.

3. A Personalized Catchall Tray is one of the Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

Thirdly, If you’re looking for a small gift for your new son-in-law on his birthday day, snag this small leather tray personalized with his initials. Perhaps it’s a great place to keep things like his wedding band, watch or keys.

4. His Signature Hot Sauce

This tasty gift is perfect for the son-in-law who spices up every meal—literally. For instance, this hot sauce kit has all the necessities (flavorful ingredients, six glass bottles and labels for creative sauce names). So he can mix up his fiery condiments. While the kit comes with instructions, you can take it up a notch and pair it with a virtual live class so he can learn.

5. A High-Tech Leather Wallet

Further, how about something practical he can use when he’s out and about? This premium leather wallet fits all the essentials while maintaining a low profile. Indeed, it’s slim enough to fit in his pocket, durable enough for daily use, and handsome enough for his spouse to approve of.

Best of all, it has quick card access and will fan out his cards at the touch of a button. Bonus: It even has room for an optional tracking device to ensure he never loses his new favourite gift (or license).

6. Speakers Designed for the Shower are Included in the Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

Has your daughter or son ever remarked on how long their husband spends in the shower? Make his happy place an even better escape by gifting him a set of Bluetooth speakers for water use.

Hence, these two waterproof speakers will provide a surround-sound experience with built-in suction cups that easily stick to the wall. In addition, it can still be removed whenever he needs to recharge them. Plus, the LED lights will help to set the scene for some uninterrupted R&R.

7. Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Besides, if unique gifts for your son-in-law are what you’re after, look no further than this clever reusable water bottle. It’s insulated to keep his drink cold or hot all day. And it has a built-in LED light that acts as a water purifier and bottle cleaner, keeping every sip as fresh as the last.

To top it all off, a percentage of all sales goes to nonprofit organizations dedicated to protecting the environment. Also, it provides safe drinking water to people worldwide.

8. A Versatile Overnight Backpack

This stylish backpack is designed to hold all your son-in-law’s necessities, whether commuting to work or hopping on a plane. Two zippered compartments separate his laptop and tech stuff from other valuables and more.

If that’s not enough to convince you, it has padded back panels with lumbar support and contoured. And, If you’re feeling extra generous, you can even fill it with his favourite snacks or a new notebook for the office. He will be glad to see this gift.

9. Weather-Resistant Jacket: Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

Finally, if you’re shopping for the outdoorsy type, consider this bestselling jacket that’s functional and fashionable. It has a waxy sailcloth exterior to protect it against the elements and a soft flannel lining for extra warmth and cosiness. Indeed, trust us, a jacket this good is a welcome present for your son-in-law on his birthday.

9 Birthday Gifts To Buy For Sister In-law

Looking for a birthday gift for your sister-in-law? They are as follows;

1. Bctex Coll Women’s Cozy Velvet Memory Foam House Slipper

Firstly, who doesn’t love slippers? They’re equal parts fashion and function — something everyone can use, but this pair, in particular, has a bit of extra flair. Indeed, if you need some direction, try choosing a pair of slippers in your sister-in-law’s favourite colour.  Or to match a pair of pyjamas (if you want to add something extra to the gift).

2. Baggu Standard Reusable Shopping Bag

Some people might say that the last thing they need is another tote bag, but these are different. Not only do they fold down into a tiny square (great for storing in a purse or travel bag).

Again,  they also come in any pattern and colour you can imagine. Also, they’re perfect for trips to the farmer’s market, running errands, grocery shopping, and anything else. These are also an excellent stocking stuffers.

3. Anchored Northwest Bookworm Candle is Among the Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

Thirdly, If you have a sister-in-law who can spend hours curled up on the couch with a book or dreams about trips to libraries and bookstores, this book candle would be a great gift on its own or paired with a book or gift certificate to a local bookstore. It also has thousands of positive reviews.

So, even if you can’t quite imagine what it smells like, you can read tons of first-hand customer feedback that describes what people love about it.

4. Bagail 8 Set Packing Cubes

These packing cubes are ideal for the frequent traveller in your family. If she’s a jet-setter, this set of packing cubes will help her stay organized and efficient while packing. Further, it’s one of those must-haves where you won’t know how you lived without them. This set is an excellent value with eight different packing cubes of all different sizes.

5. First Aid Beauty Studio FAB Kit

If your sister-in-law always talks about creating a skincare routine but never seems to invest the time or money into creating one. Then, gifting this First Aid Beauty set makes their life a little easier.

Besides, the First Aid Beauty set is a great way to try some of their best-selling products at a bundled price. And it comes in its gift box. She will love it.

6. BaubleBar High Glass Earrings: Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

Although, these can be worn year-round when the mood strikes and add a bit of pizzazz to any outfit. For an extra fun gift, pair the earrings with a bottle of champagne or festive champagne flutes. She will love and continually wear it for occasions.

7. JW PEI Gabbi Bag

If the person you’re shopping for is sporting a different purse or pair of earrings every time you see them. Then, it’s safe to say that they love accessories. Perhaps gifting a piece of clothing can be tricky because of the size. But a handbag is always a good choice. Plus, you can choose one in your sister-in-law’s favourite colour.

8. Sea Stones Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder

Look, it’s a little bit funny but also functional. Who hasn’t wanted to unwind after a long workday with a glass of wine and a hot shower or relaxing bath? But there’s nothing less comfortable than precariously placing your wine on the narrow edge of a tub or the floor beside the shower. This solves that problem. Plus, it’ll make her laugh, too.

9. Skeem Design Glass Helix Match Cloche is on the List of Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

Lastly, most of us love candles, but it can quickly feel like a gift that’s too simple or generic. Getting creative and gifting something like a matching cloche is a great option. It’s also an excellent choice for design-minded sisters-in-law. A chic match cloche is a must if she loves candles or home décor. This looks great on display in a living room and is an easy gift for her, which she will appreciate.

9 Birthday Gifts To Buy For Brother In-law

Here’s what to get your brother-in-law for his birthday.

1. A Paper Airplane for Adults

Everyone enjoys unwrapping a toy—especially your fun-loving brother-in-law, no matter how old they are. This smartphone-controlled paper aeroplane won’t just entertain him but also inspire quality time with his nieces and nephews.

Then, fold the “paper”, attach the Bluetooth-enabled device, download the app and commence takeoff. Also, he can control every move and trick at up to 25 mph—it’ll be the best gift of the year.

2. Monthly Alcohol Subscription

Secondly, no matter your brother-in-law’s drink, Mash & Grape has a monthly subscription to stock his bar cart. They source from world-class small distillers and independent bottlers to find the most exceptional and sometimes rare spirits. He will love especially when he loves drinking.

3. Glasses That Make Whiskey Taste Even Better is Also Among the Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

This ultra-unique tumbler makes a thoughtful gift for the brother-in-law who prides himself on his whiskey collection. Made from carefully aged solid oak, this one-of-a-kind cup has a broad base to let aromas expand. It is lined with honey beeswax to bring out the complex flavours of his favourite liquor. Also, it’s the best way to sip a nightcap.

4. Hot Sauce-Making Experience

Bring the heat to the party with this hot sauce-making kit. If your brother-in-law constantly pushes the Scoville scale, he’ll love the chance to make his hot sauce. And get creative with the pungency.

It includes fiery flavour ingredients, six serving bottles, labels for creative sauce names and instructions. You can pair it up a notch with a live, virtual class. So he can learn the art of chilli sauce from an expert.

5. A Meat-Lovers Gift Box

Additionally, if your brother-in-law is a carnivore, this edible gift box is just a birthday surprise for him. ButcherBox is a high-quality meat delivery service that sources humanely raised and others. This box will provide him with ground beef, boneless pork chops, etc.

He’ll know what he’s cooking for dinner this week and still have lots of leftovers for the rest of the month. Alternatively, you could send him an e-gift card so he can subscribe to ButcherBox and receive groceries monthly.

6. A Place to Track His (Beer) Travels: Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

Help him track his state-wide bar crawl for the best breweries and, thus, beer with this interactive gift. The wooden “map” has slots for him to store beer caps from all over a particular state. Besides, it’s a clever present for a craft beer connoisseur constantly sipping new brews.

And you don’t personally need to know the difference between ales, lagers and stouts to gift it. This will be appropriated.

7. Craft Beer Delivered Right to His Door

Furthermore, wish your brother-in-law a Happy birthday with a subscription to Craft Beer Club. They’ll send him a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly delivery of delicious brews to help expand his palette. Also, each box includes 12 beers from different regions in the US. And, plus background info about the breweries, tasting notes and pairing recipes. We’ll toast to that!

8. Backyard BBQ Entertainment

However, lawn games are all the rage in the summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some competitive fun with your BIL in the winter. This handy tabletop cornhole game comes with adjustable launchers, eight bean bags and four score pegs.

In other words, it can be played indoors anywhere you have a flat surface. It’s sure to be a hit with your brother-in-law and his friends.

9. Battleship Golf Game Set is Also on the List of Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your In-Law this December

Finally, this gift is for the Master’s green jacket hopefuls who must work on their chip shots. Besides, the game is similar to cornhole, in which players aim for a target a few feet away. Instead of tossing bean bags, they’ll hit (foam) golf balls. It’s not just a fun lawn game but also a beneficial way to practice his golf game.


Lastly, when buying birthday gifts for in-laws, the most important thing is to show that you care. Probably, by choosing a thoughtful gift, you can demonstrate your love and respect.

While the specific gift you choose is less important than the thought behind it, many great options are available. Whatever you decide, remember that the best talent comes from the heart.

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