Dating on Facebook App Now Free for Singles – FACEBOOK DATING APP DOWNLOAD | Facebook Dating Site

Dating on Facebook App is now free for singles to use to improve their relationship status. Yeah, Facebook is always looking out for all its users, and because of that, they introduced Facebook dating App feature for singles. If you are new to this Facebook feature, then you need to check it out.

Dating on Facebook App Now Free for Singles – FACEBOOK DATING APP DOWNLOAD | Facebook Dating Site

Since a lot of people most especially young singles are trying to hook up on Facebook, they decided to make it easy for them by creating the Dating App. This dating feature is not like a regular feature but holds features of dating platforms that can be found on top dating platforms like Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid.

Dating on Facebook App Now Free for Singles Review

Facebook dating is like the first dating platform of its kind, and by that, I mean it is the first dating platform to be operated on a social media platform. Yes, in case you asked this question, it is on Facebook, but function separately from the social media platform.

To run the dating platform, you would be required to have a Facebook account, which is an account almost everybody has today. So, if you are looking forward to trying out something new with your dating life, especially with people who mostly not familiar with you, then try out Facebook dating.

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Things to Use on Facebook Dating

Now, there are so many amazing features on the Dating app that would leave your mind erupted. The dating app comes with top dating features and more. Plus, it is on a social media platform, so expect the best kind of experience from this dating platform. The features of Facebook dating include:

  • The dating app enables you to make use of at most 9 pictures for your profile
  • Your Facebook dating profile is only visible to those who are on the dating platform
  • You are allowed to select your Gender whether you are trans or Cis.
  • With the reviews Facebook got during its first months of then dating launch, they used it to make the creating a dating profile a lot easier
  • The platform allows you to have a secret crush feature that allows you to match with your Facebook friends
  • You are given the option to hide your Facebook details if you want to.
  • Facebook users are allowed to add their Instagram post if they choose to
  • You are offered the chance to describe yourself in not more than three sentences or three emojis

You would still be amazed by the amazing features Facebook has to offer to you. But when you open the dating feature, this is what you should expect from the platform.

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How to Create a Facebook Dating App profile

Creating a Facebook dating profile should not be a problem for you, since Facebook already made the steps a lot easier. But to start, you would need to have a Facebook account. Without the account, you cannot access the dating platform. Also, you need to log in your Facebook account on the Facebook app because you can only make use of the dating feature from the app. How to creates a dating profile includes:

  • Log in your Facebook account on your Facebook app
  • Then go to the menu
  • There you would find the dating icon, tap it
  • Once you tap, you would be taken to Facebook dating immediately
  • Click the get started option and follow the onscreen directions to for setting up your profile.
  • You would be needed to specify your gender selection, location, and select a nice photo of yourself.
  • And once that is done, your profile would be generated automatically.
  • You just have to make a few adjustments to suit your taste and that is it you are done.

With that, you are ready to date on Facebook dating. The dating platform has received great reviews from top sites and platforms, telling you how interesting it is to make use of this feature.

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