Dating in Facebook App is Free – How do I get the Facebook Dating App – Dating Facebook App – How the Facebook Free Dating Looks Like 2020

“Dating in Facebook App is Free”. If you are curious about if Dating in Facebook App is Free, then you have come to the right content because everything you need to know about the platform is here.

Dating in Facebook App is Free – How do I get the Facebook Dating App – Dating Facebook App – How the Facebook Free Dating Looks Like 2020

Dating in Facebook App is Free

First of all, to answer the question, “yes” dating in Facebook is free, and every single user that wishes to make use of the platform can do whenever they like, as long as they have a data connection, and the right device to make use of the platform.

How the Facebook Free Dating Looks Like in 2020

Facebook is recognized as a free social media platform with a lot of free and interesting features, and one of the many happens to be the already mention Facebook dating App. Aside from just becoming a free platform, the dating app has a lot of interesting features, features that made other reviews compare the platform to some of the top dating sites around today.

When the dating app was created, Facebook took it time to work on the platform, using the reviews, and opinion of the many interesting individuals that used the platform.

The stated above should at least tell you how interesting Dating in the Facebook app is, plus I would be giving you more about Facebook dating, so sit back and read through.

Dating Facebook App Features

Just like I previously stated, there are Facebook dating has some interesting features that lead to it being compared to some top dating platforms, and below I would be stating some of the features below.

  • Facebook dating allows you to make use of 9 different pictures for your profile
  • It grants you the opportunity to keep your personal information away from all your matches. You are giving the option to show them whenever you want.
  • The platform has a secret crush feature that allows you to match with someone on your Facebook account. This is the only way you can match with a Facebook friend.
  • All your matches are to be done based on your interest, height, age, groups that you are a part of in Facebook, events you joined, religion, and more.
  • You are offered the opportunity to describe yourself using basically three sentences or three emojis.
  • Facebook dating is also looking forward to introducing a virtual dating feature that allows users to make a video call using messenger

There are still a lot of interesting features on the platform, and you would discover it when you start making use of Facebook dating.

How do I Get the Facebook Dating App

If you want to make use of Facebook dating, you would be required to setup your account, because the dating account is different from your normal account. and with that stated, follow the steps stated below to set up your Facebook dating account.

  • Open Facebook app (the dating app is only accessible through a Facebook app)
  • Tap on the Facebook menu
  • Then tap the dating icon and you are in the app. But if you cannot find the dating icon, click see more.
  • Click on get started and follow the on-screen direction to create your profile
  • There you would be required to select your Gender, location and to pick a nice photo of yourself.
  • Once you do that, your profile would be generated automatically, you would be required to make some few adjustments, and once you are satisfied, click done.

And after that, you are ready to date in the app. The Facebook dating app has a lot more than you would expect from the platform.


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