Top 10 Courses with High Employment Opportunities to Study in Nigeria in 2022

Are You a Nigerian student looking for courses with high employment opportunities to study in Nigeria? If Yes, then this post is for You! Honestly speaking, most people don’t know that some courses are outdated. The best courses you could study in Nigeria are courses that have the following features:

10 Courses with High Employment Opportunities to Study in Nigeria

Things to Consider When Choosing The Best Course For You to study

– Who would Employ You?

These days, there are so many graduates in the labour market!

A review from the National Bureau Of Statistics Shows thus:

Accordingly, there were a total of 28.58million persons in the Nigerian labour force in Q4 2016, that were either unemployed or underemployed compared to compared to 27.12million in Q3, 26.06million in Q2
and24.5 million in Q1 2016.

Even though it is true that the best stand you could take is entrepreneurship, you should still ask yourself: Courses like the one I am applying for, who needs experts in such fields these days!

With the advent of the internet, computers, and robotics, employers do not need a lot of people anymore.

Applying for some courses in Jamb is just a waste of money and a good number of years.

If your course is one that is still in high demand this year, then you should move to consider the next criteria.

– Can you Startup Small Business while Unemployed?

This is a hard fact and you have to face it! The best courses you could study in Nigeria with High Employment Opportunities are the ones that would never leave you stranded.

That is to say,  in a situation where you have not yet been gainfully employed, you could easily find something to get busy with.

If you can’t start a small business with the knowledge you get from studying your dream course, then you should learn a skill with which you can!

– How Much can you Possibly Earn?

Earning a good living is one of the most important reasons why you want to go to school or read any of the courses available, I guess.

In other words,  you should know that some courses have the tendency to earn you a better living than others! Hard fact!

For this reason, you should put this criterion at the forefront when choosing any course to study.

– How Professional is the Course?

By this,  it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should preferably study one of the conventional professional courses in Nigeria however you should be important after studying a course.

– What do I mean? 

If what you are studying for 4 or 5 years is what someone can easily learn within two weeks, then you are at a high risk of being unemployed!

It’s always good when your course or area of specialization is technical or tough enough for someone to want to pay for your services.

Now,  with these points in mind, find below the best courses for you to study this year.

– Medicine and Surgery is no Doubt the Best Among All Courses with High Employment Opportunities One can Study  in Nigeria

Doctors are one of the most important persons in society and medicine and surgery are one of the best courses any science student can study at the University.

Employment opportunities for you as a doctor is higher than in most courses. Also,  Your pay is high enough to earn a good living.

You could work in a Federal, state, or private hospital, as a lecturer, or as a consultant. You could even own your own hospital with reasonable capital.

Most parents advise their children to study medicine due to their job security and availability.

– I.T/Software Engineering is one of the Hottest Courses to Study in Nigeria with High Employment Opportunities

These are hot cakes of the 21st century! The Programmers,  computer scientists,  application and web developers, and computer engineers.

If you want to study any of the courses related to this field right now,  then you are on track.

So many companies now require the technical expertise of software engineers and computer scientists.

With a good knowledge base, you can easily start up a small scale business with your technical knowledge.

– Engineering

Engineering courses like:

  • Petroleum Engineering 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Chemical Engineering 

still very much have their value in society.

That is to say, If you study engineering courses like Electrical, Mechanical,  Petroleum, chemical engineering there are companies out there to work.

However,  one thing you must know is that these courses are highly competitive! If you must study Engineering, you should strive hard to make a first-class.

This is because most companies go for the best.

– Pharmacy

Pharmacy is yet another very marketable course to study in Nigeria now.

The importance of you as a Pharmacist in society cannot be overemphasized.

There are so many sicknesses as well as drugs and people need experts to administer them.

There are so many Pharmaceutical firms, hospitals where you could work as well as big chemists.

– Accounting

Every business needs an accountant to help manage the financial situation of/her company.

As an accountant, you can work anywhere!  Any company, business, Start would need your help.

This is why accounting is one of the best courses you could study as a social science student in Nigeria in 2018.

– Economics

Similar to Accounting, this is yet another important marketable course with a lot of employment opportunities.

–  Agricultural Sciences

Since Nigeria is slowly reversing back to Agriculture, experts in this field are gradually getting better recognition.

– Law

Law is a course that would continue to have importance in Nigeria.

People continuously commit crimes a would always need the help of legal experts.

As a lawyer,  you could work for a law firm, the government, for a Person or even Independently!

– Business Administration / Marketing

Marketing strategies and proper business management is something entrepreneurs would not joke with.

People always need the help of good marketers for good sales as well as business administrators.

– Nursing / Medical Sciences is Second to None when it comes to Courses to Study in Nigeria with High Employment Opportunities

Medical sciences like Medical Laboratory Science, Medical biochemistry,  Anatomy, Nurses,  dentists, and opticians would always have work to do.

The health sector is very large and can take a lot of people.

This is due to its importance in society.

The pay is quite reasonable and job security is quite high compared to many other courses.

This is definitely no place for artisans hence experts in this field are the ones that can do the job only. It involves life.

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