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This informs the public about the ConDev Student Media Grant Program 2023-2024. Details about the Program are given below.

ConDev Student Media Grant Program

About ConDev Student Media Grant Program 2023

The Program on Conflict and Development (ConDev) at Texas A&M University is accepting applications for its annual Student Media Grant Program, offering Aggies and others an opportunity to highlight the human stories behind major global issues. This year (2023-2024) ConDev is cooperating with the Department of Hospitality, Hotel Management and Tourism, to focus on the role that hospitality and tourism plays in the mediation of conflict worldwide.

Since 2013, program participants have used photos, interviews and other means to document world events depicting the intersection of conflict and development. This year we ask the question, “How has hospitality and tourism supported peace building”. These grants are funded by Texas A&M’s Howard G. Buffett Foundation Endowed Chair on Conflict and Development.

Program Details

This year, 2023-2024, the theme of the program is the role of tourism and hospitality in supporting families and communities to avoid conflict, thrive during conflict, or recover from conflict.

This theme is chosen to (a) commemorate the tenth anniversary of the installation of a selection of Howard G. Buffett photography at Texas A&M University, and (b) to celebrate the inauguration of the Department of Hospitality, Hotel Management and Tourism in Texas A&M’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Winners of the 2023-24 photo-journalism grants will be invited to Texas A&M to present their finished work as part of the celebration of the installation of the Buffett photography.  

Each grant winner is expected to spend a minimum of two months during 2024 engaged in and documenting through photography and associated written or verbal commentary an issue that reflects the challenges faced by fragile and conflict-affected nations through the lens of tourism and/or hospitality. 


The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at any accredited university worldwide. Students graduating in 2023 are also eligible to apply.

  • Thematic Focus:

o   Is well thought out and provides a clear thematic focus and/or issue to be chronicled

o   Proposes innovative use of media to chronicle chosen issue

o   Has clear goal that is related to the issue

o   Is pulled from a variety of sources

  • Motivation for Work:

o   Provides at least 1 page of statement of motivation for work

o   Motivation is clearly focused in an organized and thoughtful manner

o   Information is constructed in a logical pattern to support the theme and/or issue to be chronicled

  • Planned Activities over 2 Month Period:

o   Planned activities span a two-month period

o   Provides plans for media/publication/blogging

o   Provides clear deliverables

  • Budget and Travel Plans:

o   Provides well-structured budget and requests amount under the $5000 limit

o   Provides high leverage to project with external funds (not required, but encouraged)

o   Provides clear travel dates

o   Majority of requested budget is spent conducting project in the field

ConDev Student Media Grant Program 2023 Application

For those interested in ConDev Student Media Grant Program 2023. Open this link to start the application process.

Application Deadline

  • The deadline for receipt of applications is 30 November 2023.

Open this link for more details about ConDev Student Media Grant Program 2023.

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