Full List of Accredited Colleges of Education in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria

This post will be giving you detailed information on the Full List of Colleges of Education in Akwa Ibom state. It is possible that you intend to apply to a College of Education situated in the state of Akwa Ibom and for that, it is best if you know about the available college of Education in the state. You can get details by reading the information below.

Created in 1987 from the former Cross River State by Ibrahim Babangida, Akwa Ibom is currently the highest oil and gas-producing state in the country. The State recorded over five million people as of 2016. The capital of Akwa Ibom is Uyo with an inhabitant of over 500,000. The location of the state is the coastal southern part of the country.

List of Colleges of Education in Akwa Ibom

There’s only one College of Education in Akwa Ibom State which is given below.

– Akwa Ibom State College of Education, Afahansit



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