Full List of Accredited Federal & State Colleges of Education in Adamawa State Nigeria

If you are reading this, then you must have been researching about the Colleges of Education available in Adamawa State. This post has been written to give you detailed information about the Full List of Colleges of Education in Adamawa State. If you wish to apply to a College of Education situated in Adamawa State, then it’s necessary you know the number of colleges available.

Full List of Accredited Federal & State Colleges of Education in Adamawa State Nigeria

If the choice of university education does not work, there are other options like a polytechnic or a college of Education and there are always applicants to these institutions. If you have tried the university before and it didn’t work out, you can always opt for the option of applying to a College of education.

Details About Adamawa State

Adamawa state was established in 1991 and is located in northeastern Nigeria. The capital of Adamawa State is Yola. The state houses a number of tertiary institutions of which the College of Education is among them. The state is amongst the 36th states that constitute the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

List of Colleges of Education in Adamawa State

Written below are the colleges of education that are situated in Adamawa State and details about them:

1. Federal College of Education, Yola:

Established in 2008 by the Government of Adamawa State, the aim of the College is to widen the access to university education for indigenes of Adamawa State as well as promoting economic development in the country. the institution like every other in the world strives to ensure that its products receive quality programmes.

2. Adamawa State College of Education, Hong:

The college was established in 1981 and has since produced thousands of qualified teachers and other professionals who have one way or the other contributed to the development of the nation and mankind as a whole.



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