Full List of Coal City Universit (CCU) Courses for Technology & Engineering Students

The full list of Coal City University “CCU” courses for technology students is what you will get in this post. This university offers a lot of courses whereas technology and engineering students who are aspirants of this school will get to know their courses below.

CCU Courses for Technology & Engine Students

You will undoubtedly get a lot of useful information in this article like the Brief details of Coal City University “CCU”. Also, other useful information like the university school fees and a lot more that relates to CCU Courses for technology and engineering students.

What You Need to Know About Coal City University “CCU”

First of all, it is important that you know a few details about Coal City University “CCU” as it will be very helpful. Meanwhile, it is a private university in Enugu State Nigeria. In addition, the date of the creation of this university is 2016.

In addition, this university is affiliated with other higher institutions in the country. Without a doubt, this university has a lot of courses not only, but it also has different faculties. Also, its current vice-chancellor is Professor Afam Icha Ituma.

Furthermore, You can visit the university’s official website at https://ccu.edu.ng/ for further information. No doubt you will see all the Arthur Jarvis University “AJU” courses for all secondary school students to study. As well as that, You will also get to know their calendar and also get the school’s latest news.

Coal City University “CCU” School Fees

Surely, You may be wondering about the school fees students studying degree courses pay at Coal City University “CCU”. As well as that, it is approximated to be N298,000 for fresh students. Whereas, students should visit the school website for further information.

Coal City University “CCU” Cut-Off Mark

Furthermore, the Coal City University “CCU” for the 2021/2022 session is out and it is 160 but this depends on the courses. Also, students should visit the school website for further information. On the website, You will get to know the cut-off mark for the various courses.

How Many Degree Courses are Available at CCU?

Nevertheless, you may be wondering about the list of technology and engineering courses at CCU. Currently, this school have a lot of courses that are under separate faculties. You can check the school website to see their complete list of courses.

CCU Courses for Technology Students

Surely, all Nigerian school students can get Coal City University “CCU” courses for Technology and engineering students here. It is important that you know this school has many courses under several faculties. But technology and engineering students who are aspirants of this school will get to know their courses here.

However, You should know that CCU does not offer any technology and engineering courses. Whereas, students can study science, art and commercial courses in this school. For further details, students should visit the university’s website.

Admission Requirements

Finally, it is important that Students consider the admission requirements for these CCU courses. All students need is to pass the university JAMB cut-off mark. Lastly, they also need five credits in WAEC (West African Examination Council). Also, NECO (National Examination Council) or any O’Level examination.

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