Can I Study English with D7 in Literature in Nigerian Universities? | YES YOU CAN

Having D7 in any subject could be painful, even more, painful and heartbreaking when you have it in one of your core subjects, but as we have it today, it’s still possible to get admitted into a tertiary institution even with a ‘D’. I’ve been getting lots of questions from students after the just concluded WAEC asking questions like ‘ can I study English with D7 in literature?” , We’ll stick to the end of this article to get the full first of the answer.


Can I Study English with D7 in Literature?

This article will strictly be for those students had failed their literature, well for the SSCE level, scoring a D is considered as fail, contrary to what it is in the tertiary institutions. If you’re wondering what grades are considered as pass or fail, let me help break the ice a little, the scores and grades highlighted below are the grading standard of all secondary school certificate exams :

  • A1 (75 – 100%) is regarded as a distinction.
  • B2 and B3 ( 60 – 74%) are regarded as excellent and very good respectively.
  • C4, C5, and C6 are regarded as credit with C4 being the highest C and C6 being the lowest credit.
  • D7, E8, and F9 are regarded as a Fail score.

“Can I study English with D7 in literature?”, “can I even gain admission into the tertiary institution with a D7?” If you eventually end up having a D7 in course such as literature and you’re asking yourself some bothering questions like this, it’s okay to be bothered, but don’t give up just yet, there’s still hope and you could still gain admission into the tertiary institution but you may want to consider changing your course of study to something less competitive than English.

List of Courses You can Study in Nigerian Universities with a D7 in Literature

I’ve compiled a list of courses that you could study in the tertiary institution even with a D7 in literature. Feel free to check out the courses below:

  1. History and other History related courses
  2. Fine and Applied Arts
  3. International and Comparative politics
  4. Arabic Language and Studies
  5. Visual and Applied Arts
  6. Philosophy
  7. Economics
  8. Political science
  9. Sociology and Anthropology
  10. Geography
  11. Psychology
  12. Nigerian Languages ( Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa)

The courses listed above can be studied without having a credit in literature, so before you consider to throw that SSCE result away, you may want to consider giving one of these courses a try if you so desire, and as to the question of if you can study English with D7 in literature, I think it’s almost impossible to do so, given the fact that English is a very competitive course with thousands wanting to study it every year, even with a credit in literature, bringing the requirement down to D7 in a core course like literature would only result in way too much people gaining admission into the tertiary institution even with little or no knowledge or value of the course they’re studying.



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