Can I Apply for Masters in Canada from Nigeria with a 2:2 Degree? CHECK NOW

Can I apply for masters in Canada from Nigeria with a 2:2 degree? Graduates who want to carry out their masters in Nigeria with a 2:2 degree normally asked this question. This content will be providing an adequate answer to this question and also a lot more details you need to know.

The Nigerian university grading system fall between the range of 4.0-1.0 and 4.0 is a first-class degree and if you graduate with an overall CGPA of 2:2 degree or two-two degree it is the lower level of the second-class degree and for most employment opportunities in Nigeria, it is often the minimum grade.

Canada Master’s Degree Requirement

Over time Canada has been one of the best places to study so, I would not be surprised if you would like to carry out your master’s degree in Canada.

Every year thousands of students around the world travel to Canada to carry out their master’s degree and in the ranking of the top universities in the world, many universities in Canada are in the top 100 and the country is a very safe place to live in because the security there is very strong, it is very healthy, it is multicultural and international student are welcomed there.

To study in Canada, you will need to know the grading systems in the country in the bid to know the place your grade falls into. The universities in Canada have a grading system in combination with percentages, letter grades and GPAs.

Note: You will need to know if you reach the admission requirement before considering doing your masters in Canada.

A minimum grade of 60% is needed to get admission into a masters programmes in Canada and it will be very difficult to gain admission to a masters programme in Canada with a grade that is less than 60% and you will need to make sure you meet the entry admission requirement when considering to carry out your master in Canada.

Now to answer the question “can I apply for masters with a 2:2 degree” the answer is No because 2:2 degree is a second-class lower degree and the least degree to apply for a masters degree in Canada is the second-class upper degree

Note: The chances of you being admitted depends on some other facts such as your personal statement, the courses, the university and a lot more.

How to Apply for Masters in Canada

If you meet the minimum requirement to apply for a masters programme in Canada you can do that following the steps below

  • You will have to submit your application form online
  • You will also have to give a certified copy of your qualifications and transcripts
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Depending on the programmes you are applying for you will have to submit proof of English or French proficiency
  • Recommendation letters
  • Personal statement

With these steps, you can apply for the master programme in Canada

Below I will be giving a list of top universities you can apply for a masters programme in Canada

  • University of Toronto, Ontario
  • Simon Fraser University, Montreal, Quebec
  • University of Waterloo, Ontario
  • York University
  • McMaster University
  • Queen University, Kingston, Ontario
  • University of Calgary, Alberta

These are some of the universities to carry out a masters degree in Canada but there are a lot more available that are not on my list.



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