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This is to inform the general public about the British Council ELTons Innovation Awards 2021 in English Language Teaching and Learning. Details about the award are given below.

The British Council ELTons Awards 2021 for Innovation in English Language Teaching and Learning is now open for application. Details about the award and how to apply are given below.

About the British Council ELTons Innovation Awards 2021

Have you produced an innovative English language teaching or learning product, publication or service in the last two years? Make your submission to the ELTons Innovation Awards!

Now in their nineteenth year, The British Council ELTons Awards for innovation in English language teaching and learning celebrate the newest and most original courses, books, publications, apps, platforms, projects, and more, which find new ways to meet the real-life needs of English language learners and teachers around the world.

In the last year, professionals in the global English language teaching community have shown extraordinary resourcefulness, finding ways to limit the disruption to learners’ education, at an unparalleled pace. The ELTons 2021 is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate teams and individuals innovating against the odds.

We warmly welcome applications from organisations large and small, from: schools, universities, publishers and start-ups, to charities, associations and collectives. We also welcome innovators flying solo: authors, materials writers, teacher trainers, consultants, and more.

Last year, an impressive field of entries came from 45 countries across six continents, spanning the different needs of English language learners at every age, in diverse contexts.

The British Council is committed to making sure the ELTons Innovation Awards are inclusive and reflect the broad diversity of English language education around the world. We welcome and encourage applications from all backgrounds.

The Five ELTons Award Categories

Professionals in English language education around the world – educators, leaders, publishers, project managers, writers and authors – are invited to apply for the prestigious, international awards, across one of the five ELTons’ categories:

  • Excellence in Course Innovation – Courses using a fresh variety of content, formats, or media, to help learners achieve stretching levels of English language proficiency.
  • Innovation in Teacher Resources – Resources supporting English language teaching professionals, whether through teacher training, education, or Continuing Professional Development.
  • Innovation in Learner Resources – Services, activities, materials or works using innovative means to improve English language learners’ proficiency in vocabulary, grammar, fluency, receptive and productive skills, or vital language skills for study or for work.
  • Digital Innovation – Use of digital technology or media – cutting edge technologies, or original use of existing technology – to benefit high-quality English language learning
  • Local Innovation in partnership with Cambridge Assessment English – Resources or project innovating to meet specific, local needs, within local, national or regional contexts around the world

You can find the full descriptions of the five award categories and select the category your innovation fits best in the ELTons 2021 Application Guidance document at the bottom of this page.

Visit the ELTons 2020 web page to see last years’ winners and finalists.

Eligibility Requirements

Entries submitted to the ELTons 2021 must have been completed within the last two years before ELTons 2021 application closing date. Meaning:

  • Applications can only be submitted to one award category.
  • However, applicants can submit multiple, different applications to the awards and into the different award categories (e.g. including from overseas offices).
  • Entries can only be submitted to the awards once; they cannot be re-submitted in subsequent years. If a product has been changed significantly since a previous submission it may be considered. Please contact with details of the changes before submitting.
  • You cannot resubmit a volume in a series if a volume has already been submitted in previous years. This is especially relevant for the Excellence in Course Innovation award. For example, you cannot enter level one of a course one year and then the whole course, or another level the following year.
  • Entries cannot be submitted which have been led by or have had significant involvement from the British Council or (a) British Council employee(s).
  • It is not possible to enter the awards solely for the ELTons Judges’ Commendations. Submissions are an optional part of the application to one of the five main ELTons award categories. (The two commendations are not separate award categories but are additional, special commendations given only to the finalists of the awards.)

How to Apply

To enter your innovation into the ELTons 2021, there are two steps to the application process.

Step one:

To enter your innovation:

  1. Complete the ELTons 2021 application form (available at the bottom of the page).
  2. Upload your application via the ELTons online submission portal.

Note: Application forms can be submitted either as a Microsoft Word or PDF file.

Step two:

To complete your application submission via the ELTons online submission portal, in addition to your application form, you must submit one, digital copy of your entry (e.g. digital access to your course, book, app, platform, project materials, etc.).

Please note, entry samples to the ELTons 2021 must be provided in a digital format. (Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances it is not possible to submit physical samples.) 

Application Deadline

Sunday 21 March 2021, 23.59 UK time.

Visit the official webpage via this link for more information



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