7 of the Best Tetris Games for Android Device | No. 4’s Mind Blowing

No doubt when it comes to games, one of the best categories of games to play is puzzle and math games and also Tetris is also among one of the various puzzle games and also among the best. The puzzle game is very interesting to play and also very challenging but there are also some important of the game like is that it gives the player a lot of knowledge about maths and android users can get the various Tetris

7 of the Best Tetris Games for Android Device | No. 4's Mind Blowing

The top 7 best Tetris game for android device will be available in this content to allow, game lovers who love to play Tetris select from the best and also know the best with ease and also the complete details on how to download the various game is also in this content.

7 Best Tetris Games for Android Device

Adequate studies have been done and the best Tetris games for android device have been gathered and it will be available in this content below and the major purpose for this is to provide Tetris lover with the best Tetris game to download

1. Tetris

The N3TWORK Inc company created this game and, in this game, you can battle with a friend till there is only one winner and also you can also customize your game settings and also play regular game mode.

2. Tetris Geek

This particular game brings back memories as it comes in the similar arcade as the old ways and it is also available in the google play store to download and it is totally offline, so there is no need for an internet connection when playing the game.

3. Tetris Blitz

It is available in the google play store to download and it is just like the rest of Tetris games and there is also room to play tournament and from the coins earned in the game, the player can get power-ups.

4. Classic Blocks

This game is also among the best Tetris games to download and also is just like the ones on Game Boy and also it is among the famous puzzle bloc game. There is room to compete with friends in the game until there is a winner and it has a three-game mode.

5. Falling Lightblocks

The game is now available on google play store to download and for android devices and it is also among the 7 best Tetris game for android device, also in the early 90’s it was on a Japanese console. It can be played offline alone and also online with friends.

6. Wood Block Puzzle

Beetle Games Studio company created this game it is a puzzle game that can be download from the google play store and in the game, you will have to drag a wooden block to a place where it will best fit in.

7. Kubix

This is also another amazing Tetris game to play and it is also rated to be among the best, all the player to do is the orderly place the falling blocks and it can be downloaded from the google play store.

How to Download Any of the Above Tetris Games

There is no hard process to download the game and the google play store have made it a lot easier for android user and to do that just follow the given instructions

  • Have an internet connection
  • Open the google play store mobile app on your device
  • Using the search icon search for the game, for instance, if you would like to download Tetris Geek all you have to do is to search for the game using the name
  • Once seen, click install to start to download the game

With these steps, you can successfully the game, so if you love playing puzzle games you can try out any of the above game and to download the game follow the instructions and there won’t be any regrets.

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