13 of the Best Secondary Schools to Attend in Yobe State Nigeria | No. 7’s the Best

If you want to Place your child in a secondary school that is located in Yobe State, then you need the 13 best secondary schools in Yobe State. when looking at states with some interesting Secondary schools, in the Country, Yobe state happens to be among them.

Yobe state schools are having everything a secondary school would need, and they have everything a child would require to have the best education. With that stated, I would be giving you the best secondary schools in the state.

Top 13 Best Secondary Schools in Yobe State

The Top 13 Best Secondary Schools in Yobe State is stated below. these schools have been very productive in the state. they include:

  1. Government Science and Technical Secondary School, Gashua

  2. Government Girls Science and Technical Secondary School, Dapchi

  3. Yobe Turkish college Mamudi

  4. Federal Government Girls College (FGGC) Potiskum

  5. Government Day secondary school Potiskum

  6. College of Administrative and Business Studies Potiskum

  7. Federal Government College (FGC) Buni Yadi

  8. IPS secondary school Potiskum

  9. Amma international College Potiskum

  10. Iqrah college Potiskum

  11. King Abdul-aziz African Institute, Potiskum, Yobe state

  12. Army Day Secondary School, Nguru

  13. Fika Government Secondary school Potiskum

These schools are the best secondary schools located in Yobe state. there are other amazing schools, but there happens to be the best.



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