15 of the Best Secondary Schools to Attend in Sokoto State Nigeria | No. 7’s the Best

If you want to Place your child in a secondary school that is located in Sokoto State, then you really need to check out the top 15 best secondary schools in Sokoto State. when looking at states with some of the best Secondary schools in the Country, Sokoto state is never left out.

The state schools are the top in the country, and they have everything a child would require to have the best education. With that stated, I would be giving you the best secondary schools that are located in the state.

Top 15 Best Secondary Schools in Sokoto State

The Top 15 Best Secondary Schools in Sokoto State is stated below as follows. These schools have been the best in the state, and they have produced a lot of amazing students. They include:

  1. Nana Girls College

  2. Nagarta College, Sokoto

  3. Sultan Bello Secondary School

  4. Government Day Secondary School, Arkilla

  5. Unity Comprehensive School Sokoto

  6. Iman International School Sokoto

  7. Federal Government College (FGC) Sokoto

  8. Federal Government Girls College (FGGC) Tambuwal

  9. Alheri Schools Sokoto

  10. Ahmad Bello Academy Farfaru Sokoto

  11. University Primary and Secondary School

  12. kings and queens’ schools

  13. Sahaba Academy

  14. Success Schools, Sokoto

  15. Brilliant Footsteps International Academy, Sokoto

And these are the best secondary schools in Sokoto state.



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