15 of the Best Secondary Schools to Attend in Enugu State Nigeria | No. 7’s the Best

The Top 15 Best Secondary Schools in Enugu State, is what I would be stating for you below in this content. These schools made my list because they have the best facilities for teaching and learning and quality of teachers.

The schools listed on this post also have some of the best and sporting activities going on in the school. Enugu State has a lot of schools with every single requirement that a school would need. So with that stated, I would be giving you the best schools in the state.

Top 13 Best Secondary Schools In Enugu State

Below I would be giving you the best secondary schools in Enugu state. When they are counting states with the best secondary schools, Enugu is never left out. Some of the schools in the state offer more than just regular education. they include:

  1. Hillrange Secondary School, Enugu

  2. Pine Crest School, Enugu

  3. Graceland School

  4. Shalom Academy, Nsukka

  5. Mea Mater Elizabeth High School, Agbani

  6. Cornerstone School, Enugu

  7. Federal Government College (FGC), Enugu

  8. Federal Government Girls College (FGGC), Lejja

  9. Roseville Secondary School, Enugu

  10. Redeemers International School, Enugu

  11. Providence High School, Enugu

  12. Seats of Wisdom schools, Enugu

  13. The University of Nigeria Nsukkka Secondary School, Nsukka

  14. Precious Blood International College, Enugu

  15. Teresa’s College, Nsukka

And these are the best secondary schools in the Enugu state. These schools have produced some of the best secondary schools in the state so far.



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