13 of the Best Secondary Schools to Attend in Cross River State Nigeria | No. 5’s the Best

There are a lot of amazing secondary schools in Cross River State, and if you are looking forward to placing your child in a good secondary school that is in Cross River State, then what you this list of the Top 13 Best Secondary Schools that is Borno State. Borno state has some amazing secondary schools, and below I would be giving you some of the best in the state. The state has some amazing Secondary school, and below, expect the best among all of them.

Top 13 Best Secondary Schools in Cross River State | CHECK NOW

Top 13 Best Secondary Schools in Cross River State

Cross river state has some secondary schools that would amaze you. Calabar state has some amazing secondary schools in the state, and below I would give you the best schools in the state. they include:

  1. American International Secondary School

  2. University of Calabar International Demonstration Secondary School

  3. Surefoot International School

  4. Auntie Margaret International / Memorial School

  5. Marygold International School

  6. Holy Child Secondary School

  7. Zenith High School

  8. St Annes Private School, Calabar

  9. Tender Hearts School, Calabar

  10. Hillcrest Schools, Calabar

  11. Federal Science College, Ogoja

  12. Lourdes Academy

  13. Auntie Margaret International/memorial school

And this is the best secondary schools that is in cross river state. there are lots of other interesting schools in the state, just search some more and you would be amazed.