13 of the Best Secondary Schools to Attend in Bayelsa State Nigeria | No. 7’s the Best

There are a lot of amazing secondary schools in the Bayelsa State, and if you are looking forward to placing your child in a good one, then this article contains a list of standard ones you can enrol your child on this year.

Bayelsa State has produced some of the best brains in the country, and that is due to the fact that they provide quality education, and a nice learning environment and facilities. The state has some amazing Secondary school, and below, expect the best among all of them.

Bayelsa State has always placed secondary school education higher, and because of that, they have come up with some amazing schools that have been behind now, most of the secondary schools in the State have challenged so many other secondary schools outside the state, and surely, they have really proven to be one of the best.

With that stated, I have made my list of the best secondary schools in Bayelsa State. The schools on my list are really amazing, and they have produced a lot of brilliant students.

Best Secondary Schools in Bayelsa State

Below is the Top 13 Best Secondary Schools in Bayelsa State. These schools are really great for your kids. They have contributed to the upbringing of a lot of secondary school students.

  1. Bedrock International High School.

  2. Divine International Schools, Yenagoa.

  3. New Total Child Academy.

  4. Matthias Catholic Group of Schools, Yenagoa Bayelsa.

  5. Myrtle International School.

  6. Potters’ Touch High School.

  7. Ayakpo School.

  8. Bridging Gap Academy International.

  9. Belary Schools.

  10. Biedomo Premier School.

  11. Ayakpo Comprehensive College.

  12. New Total Child Academy.

  13. Myrtle International School.

These are the best secondary schools in Bayelsa state.



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