13 of the Best Secondary Schools to Attend in Bauchi State Nigeria | No. 8’s the Best

There are a lot of great secondary schools in Bauchi State, and if you wish for your child to attend a great secondary school in the state, then you need the list of the Top 13 Best Secondary Schools in Bauchi State.

Bauchi State has come up with some amazing students in the country, and that is due to the fact that the secondary schools in the state provide quality education, and a nice learning environment and facilities. The state has some amazing Secondary schools, and below I would be giving you some of the best.

Before Secondary school education in Bauchi State, were not so great, and as time goes on, education began to become a lot better with the development of new Secondary schools that came with amazing facilities and other required equipment.

Now, most of the secondary schools in the State have challenged so many other secondary schools outside the state, and so far, they have really improved. With that stated, I have made my list of the best secondary schools in Anambra State. Trust me, all the schools on my list are really great with students.

Top 13 Best Secondary Schools in Bauchi State

Below I would be giving you the list of the Top 13 Best Secondary Schools in Bauchi State. These schools are really great in the way they teach and the facilities they have. They include.

  1. Abu Huraira College.

  2. Armour Command Children School, Armour Barracks, Bauchi.

  3. Baban Takko Secondary School.

  4. Bakari Dukku School, Bauchi.

  5. College of Ilamic Studies Bauchi.

  6. Command Children School, Shadawanka Barracks, Bauchi.

  7. Command Day Secondary School, Shadawanka Cantonment, Bauchi.

  8. Dolphin Institute, Bauchi.

  9. Fariah Foundation School, Fadan Mada, Bauchi.

  10. Federal Government College, Azare, Bauchi.

  11. Federal Government Girls College, Bauchi.

  12. Federal Polytechnic Staff School, Bauchi.

  13. FOMWAN School, Bauchi.

And this is the list of the 13 best secondary schools in Bauchi state. These schools on this list are just a few of the great schools the state has, there are still more amazing schools.



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