13 of the Best Secondary Schools to Attend in Anambra State Nigeria | No. 9’s the Best

There are a lot of amazing secondary schools in Anambra State, and if you wish to place your child in a nice secondary school in Anambra State, then you need the list of the Top 13 Best Secondary Schools in Anambra State.

Anambra State has produced some of the best brains in the country, and that is due to the fact that they provide quality education, and a nice learning environment and facilities. The state has some amazing Secondary school, and below, expect the best among all of them.

Before Secondary school education in Anambra State, were great, and as time goes on, education began to become a lot better with the development of new Secondary schools with amazing facilities and more. Now, most of the secondary schools in the State have challenged so many other secondary schools outside the state, and surely, they have really proven to be one of the best.

Top 13 Best Secondary Schools in Anambra State

The Top 13 Best Secondary Schools in Anambra State is stated below. the schools are the best the state has to provide. They include:

1. Regina Pacis Secondary School, Onitsha

This school is recognized to be the best in the state, and due to its strides in academic activities, you should make this school your number one pick.

2. Loretto Special Secondary School, Adazi – Nnukwu

This school happens to be another leading all-girls Secondary School located in Anambra state, that performs as great as Regina Pacis as one of the best secondary educational institutions in the country.

3. Austica Memorial College, Nanka

The school was founded upon the blood of two martyrs Augustine Eze and Scholastic Nnolim. The institution has proven to be among the best in the state. It is an all-boys boarding school.

4. Marist Comprehensive college, Nteje

This school is owned and managed by the Marist brothers (catholic brotherhood movement). The school is a mixed all student boarding school with a large infrastructure.

5. Holy Ghost Academy, Amaokpala

Established in the year 2003 by the catholic holy ghost congregation, HGA is located in amaokpala in orumba north local government area of Anambra state.

6. Tansi International College, Awka

The institution was established in the year 1999 and was named after the Nigerian 1st blessed Michael iwene tansi.

7. Christ the King College, Onitsha

This school happens to be one of the oldest schools in the state. This institution is owned by the archdiocese of Onitsha and it happens to be an all-boys boarding school.

8. St. Paul University Secondary School, Nise

This school is owned by the Paul University of the Anglican communion, and it happens to be one of the best in the state.

9. Dennis Memorial Grammar School, Onitsha

Dennis Memorial Grammar School, Onitsha was founded in the year 1925 by the Anglican communion. DMGS happens to be located in Onitsha Anambra State and it is a boarding secondary school.

10. Maria Regina, Nnewi

This institution happens to be an all-girls secondary school that is located at Nnewi. This school is owned and run by the catholic diocese of Nnewi and the school is managed by the sisters of immaculate heart located at nise town awka south local government area of Anambra state.

11. British Spring College, Awka

British spring college happens to be a top secondary of international standard. The college is located at 1, British Spring Estate Road, Nkwelle Awka, Anambra State.

12. Grundtvig International Secondary School, Oba

Named after the Danish Philosopher N.F.S Grundtvig, is an international co-educational secondary school located at Oba town Anambra State.

13. Federal Girls Secondary School, Onitsha

This school is a great all-girls boarding secondary school located in Anambra and established by the federal ministry of education.



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