13 of the Best Secondary Schools to Attend in Adamawa State Nigeria | No. 10’s the Best

In this post, I would be giving you the Top 13 Best Secondary Schools in Adamawa State. The state has produced a lot of interesting government schools from which award-winning students have emerged. So, if you ever decide to attend a secondary school in the state, or you wish to place your child or ward in the school, then you need this list.

13 of the Best Secondary Schools to Attend in Adamawa State Nigeria | No. 10's the Best

Adamawa State’s top secondary schools are mainly government-owned, so even though they produce amazing students, there are still lots of other students that remain less educated. Even at that, the schools in the state are trying their best to bring up most of the students in the state. well, with that stated, expect the list if the best secondary schools in the state below.

Top 13 Best Secondary Schools in Adamawa State

The Top 13 Best Secondary Schools in Adamawa State is stated below. if you are interested in attending some of the best schools in the state below, then go through the list below.

  1. Government Day Secondary School Sangasumi Ganye Adamawa State

    Location: Yola

  2. Government Day Secondary School Yola

    Location: Yola

  3. Government Day Secondary School Old G.R.A Jimeta

    Location: Jimeta

  4. Yola Model Secondary School

    Location: Yola

  5. Mother Of Good Counsel Girls’ Secondary School. Mubi N

    Location: Bazza

  6. Government Secondary School

    Location: Mubi

  7. Government Day Secondary School

    Location: Garkida

  8. Mustapha Primary and Secondary school

    Location: Yola

  9. Government Girls Secondary School, Yola

    Location: Jimeta

  10. Old GRA primary and secondary school

    Location: Jimeta

  11. Government Secondary School

    Location: Girei

  12. GDSS Doubeli

    Location: Jimeta

  13. Adamu Sanda Secondary School

    Location: Ganye

These are the 13 best schools in the state. Adamawa state still has a lot of amazing secondary schools to place your children, but so far these are the best I have come across.



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