13 of the Best Secondary Schools to Attend in Abia State Nigeria | No. 11’s the Best

Abia State has a lot of interesting Secondary schools around today, even though the place is seen to be more like an industrialized and commercialized state. The state has managed to produce some of the best schools that you can find, and for that reason, I would be giving you the top 13 Secondary Schools in Abia State.

13 of the Best Secondary Schools to Attend in Abia State Nigeria | No. 11's the Best

If you just relocated to the state, and you wish to place your child in any school, you might need my list first, that is if you do not have anybody to recommend a good school for you. Well, the schools on my list are there because they have every important equipment and facility a school needs to give their students the best education. now with that stated, expect details on some of the best Secondary schools that you would find in Abia State.

Top 13 Secondary Schools in Abia State

Below is the list of Best Secondary Schools you or your child can attend in Abia State, and more. The schools on my list are truly the best for any students, plus they have great learning facilities. With that stated, my list includes:

1. Word of Faith Group of Schools

This school is a private Christian secondary school that is located near Aba commercial city, Abia state. The school is recognized for its discipline and academic excellence, plus they are well equipped and meet the international standards.

2. International Secondary School, Abia State University

This school is another top secondary school in the state. The institution was established in the year 1990 as a demonstration school for education faculty. The school also function as a university staff college. It is exclusively boarding with comfortable facilities.

3. Premier International Secondary School

This institution happens to be the top private secondary school in the state. When it comes to the history of academic excellence, this school has it all.

4. Christland Mission School International

Christland is another Christian secondary school in the state, the school has a conducive learning environment. It even has Facilities like libraries, e-library, and laboratories at the institution is encouraging.

5. Britarch Schools

Britarch Schools Umuahia happens to be a conglomerate of the three tiers of the educational institution – Nursery, primary and secondary schools. The school has it branches in Abuja and all the teachers in the school are degree holders.

6. SS Anthony and Jude’s College

This secondary school is a catholic owed secondary school that has all the necessary facilities for a school along with great teachers.

7. Peculiar Peoples International Schools

This secondary school is located in Aba, Abia State and it offers educational classes and programmes.

8. Dority International Secondary School

This school is one of the top-notch schools that you can find in Abia state. The institution located at the Aba commercial city makes available qualitative education.

9. Royalties International Christian School

The school has some of the best teachers. The school is popular for its high academic performance, plus they prepare students for higher learning.

10. Living World Academy Secondary

Living world Academy secondary school was founded in the year 1995. With quality infrastructure and qualified teachers, the school raises intelligent students.

11. Federal Government College, Ohafia

This institution happens to be the top unity secondary school owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria under the supervision of the federal ministry of Education.

12. Living Stone International Christian Secondary school

This school is another interesting school in Aba, Abia state. It is a Christian school that has produced amazing students.

13. Redeemers International School

This school is one of the best, with great classrooms, halls, a conducive learning environment, and great teachers.