11 of the Best Remote Night Jobs to Apply for in Canada this Year 2022

There are benefits attached to working remote night jobs, especially since most companies pay night shift workers more but also it is a great way to earn extra cash or income for yourself or for your family. This post will bring the Best Remote Night Jobs to Apply for in Canada.

11 Hot 2022 Remote Night Jobs to Apply for in Canada

Working remote night jobs you get to work at night from the comfort of your home without anyone disturbing you or noise distracting you from your work.

11 of the Best 2022 Remote Night Jobs to Apply for in Canada

There are a lot of Remote Night jobs that You can apply for in Canada and You will get 11 of the best ones in this post.

This article will be providing you with the eleven best remote night jobs you can apply for in Canada.

1. Travel Counselor

As a travel counsellor, you are expected to provide creative and timely travel solutions to customers by using the available tools and Technologists as needed. You will also have to support by answering phones, emails, chat booking air, rail, hotel and car rentals. The annual salary of a travel consultant is $27,00 or more.

2. Customer Support Specialist

As a customer support specialist, you will provide assistance to customers, reproduce issues, and review logs, and internal issues as needed. You also need to deliver workaround and solutions to help customers meet their deadlines.

Provide high-quality service to customers through phone calls or emails. The annual salary of a Customer Support Specialist is $30,000 or more a year.

3. Service Desk Analyst is One of the Best Remote Night Jobs to Apply for in Canada

As a service desk Analyst you will be analyzing symptoms, determining the urgency and where possible and providing solutions to the issue. You will also dispatch to an incident the appropriate support group when first call solution is not possible and also manage the incident through its life cycle. A service desk Analyst makes $50,000 or more in a year.

4. Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative manages customers through communication channels and delivers an outstanding customer service experience which makes every customer experience an exceptional one. Your focus will be on helping clients with what they need and also responding to them empathically when they ask questions.

A customer service representative earns $47,000 or more in a year.

5. Operational Support Agent

You will be in charge of advising travel agents within the required time frame of any changes in their schedule, date, aircraft type, hotel, flight cancellation etc. You will also be in charge of follow-up files to ensure that all reservations affected by a change are processed. And also ensure follow-up from other various departments.

An operational Support agent earns $52,000 or more in a year.

6. Technical Support Specialist is Among the Best Remote Night Jobs to Apply for in Canada

A technical support specialist is responsible for helping out customers with a different range of challenges and responding to customers in a thoughtful, efficient and friendly manner. Also efficiently managing cases achieving zero red cases and also communicating a next-time reply. A technical support specialist earns $55,000 or more

7. Bilingual Customer Service

As a bilingual customer service, you will have to be able to speak two languages preferably French and English. Your job is to provide service to customers in either language and also provide information to clients or customers in their preferred language through phone calls, online chats, emails or online and provide them with solutions.

A bilingual customer service earns $49,000 a year.

8. Video Specialist

As an in-call remote video specialist, your job will consist of you determining the news and trends of the day and also ensuring that all video platforms are optimized properly and contain engaging content. You will also have to communicate with other departments such as the writing team, editors etc.

As a video specialist, you will earn $58,000 or more in a year.

9. Administrative Operational Support Agent is One of the Best Remote Night Jobs to Apply for in Canada

An administrative operational support agent assists travel agents and respond to their enquiries and helps in processing flights and booking flights in multiple computer systems. Follow close collaboration with other departments such as accounting, product and customer service.

Administrative operational support earns roughly $57,000 or more in a year.

10. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant your job consists of performing administrative services to a client or to a company. You are to organize files, schedule meetings and also book meeting venues. You also make reminders for meetings for your clients and also make sure that they attend the right venue for the meeting.

As a virtual assistant, you will be paid roughly $39,500 or more in a year.

11. Online Tutor is the Last Among Best Remote Night Jobs to Apply for in Canada

As an online tutor, your job consists of helping students in a particular subject or course. You will help them in areas they are failing and explain the subject to them in a way they are to understand and be able to remember. You will give your students a quiz to know the areas they are failing and where they are making progress.

As an online tutor, you will earn $41,000 or more in a year.

Benefits of Working Remote Night Jobs

Here are some benefits of working remote night jobs

  1. More hours in the day
  2. Less commute time
  3. Less competition
  4. There are fewer distractions or disturbance
  5. You get time to learn new skills or further your education.

These are just a few benefits of working remote night jobs.

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