11 of the Best Primary Schools to Attend in Cross River State Nigeria | No. 7’s Top-Notch

There are a lot of amazing Primary Schools in Cross River State, and if you want for your child to attend a nice Primary Schools in the state, then you need the list of the Top 13 Best Primary Schools in Cross River State. Cross River State has a lot of primary schools with the right facilities, teachers, and equipment for teaching. So, if you wish to place your child in any primary school in the state, then you go ahead.

Parent, are expected to know that primary school is one of the most important parts of the education life of the child. Students that find it very hard to perform very well in their primary school period, find it very difficult to do so in their secondary school. and because of that, parents and guardians are expected to place their wards/children in the primary schools in the state that afford and would give the child the best.

If you are a parent in Cross River State, then you need to check my list of the best primary schools in the state.

Top 11 Best Primary Schools in Cross River State

Below are the best primary schools in cross river state. these schools happen to be some of the best in the state, and so far, they have produced some of the best students in the state.

  1. Access Pre-Primary & Primary School

  2. Ace Elementary School

  3. Duke Town School

  4. Hillcrest Special Needs Model Schools

  5. Aunty Lizzy International Daycare Nursery & Primary School

  6. Blooms ‘n Daisies School

  7. Bluebells School Calabar

  8. Florence Obi Academy

  9. Grid Academy

  10. NAOWA Schools

  11. Salvation Army Primary School

And these are the best primary schools in cross river state.



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