11 of the Best Primary Schools to Attend in Borno State Nigeria | No. 8’s Top-Notch

There are a lot of amazing Primary Schools in Borno State, and if you want for your child to attend a nice Primary Schools in the state, then you need the list of the Top 13 Best Primary Schools in Borno State. Borno State is not the best when it comes to primary education, but they have developed some amazing primary schools in the state.

11 of the Best Primary Schools to Attend in Borno State Nigeria | No. 8’s Top-Notch

Before, primary school education in Borno State was not so great, and as time goes on, education began to become a lot better with the development of new Borno State that came with amazing facilities and other required equipment. Now with that stated, expect the details of primary schools in Borno state.

Top 11 Best Primary Schools in Borno State

The top 11 best primary schools in Borno state is stated below. these schools are really great, and they have helped a lot of children in their primary school life.

  1. Care Bears Nursery and Primary School

  2. Delittle

  3. Kamsulem Junior Secondary Nursery And Primary SCHOOL

  4. Mini Haha Nursery/primary

  5. Kamsulum Nursery, Primary & J. S. S

  6. Ibn Kyari Islamic Nursery, Primary& Secondary School

  7. All Denomination Nursery/ Primary and Secondary school

  8. Namu Primary School

  9. Success Primary & Nursery School

  10. Royal Day Nursery & Primary School Maiduguri

  11. Yemi Osinbajo Primary School

There are more amazing primary schools in Borno state, but so far these are the best schools in the state.


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