11 of the Best Primary Schools to Attend in Benue State Nigeria | No. 6’s Top-Notch

The Top 11 Best Primary Schools in Benue State, is what you should be expecting below in this content. These schools made my list because they possess some of the best facilities for teaching and learning, the quality of teachers they have in the school and sporting activities.

11 of the Best Primary Schools to Attend in Benue State Nigeria | No. 6’s Top-Notch

If you are new to the state, then let me assure you, the school have some really great primary school, and am sure seeing them alone would confirm my statement. Well, Benue State has a lot of great primary schools but today I would be giving you 11 of the best in the state.

Parent, are expected to know that primary school is one of the most important parts of the education life of the child. Students that find it very hard to perform very well in their primary school period, find it very difficult to do so in their secondary school. and because of that, parents and guardians are expected to place their wards/children in the primary schools in the state that afford and would give the child the best. If you are a parent in Bauchi state, then you should check my list placing your child in any school.

Best Primary Schools in Benue State

Below, expect the best primary schools in Benue State. These schools have really proven to be the best in the state with the facilities they have. They include:

  1. Nursery Primary School.

  2. Emmanuel Nursery and Primary School.

  3. LGA Nursery and Primary Schools.

  4. Assemblies of God Church Nursery and Primary School.

  5. Ledo Little Saints Day Nursery and Primary School.

  6. Happy Day Nursery School.

  7. Alpha Nursery and Primary School.

  8. He Reigns Nursery and Primary School.

  9. Ivydoo Nursery and Primary School.

  10. Aunty Ayam Nursery & Primary School, Gboko.

  11. NKST Nursery and Primary School ifan.

And these are the best primary school in Benue state, there are still more amazing schools, but these schools have proven to be the best.


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