11 of the Best Primary Schools to Attend in Anambra State | No. 9’s the Best

The Top 11 Best Primary Schools in Anambra State, is what you should be expecting in this content below. The schools that happen to be on my list are based on facilities for teaching and learning, the quality of teachers they have in the school and sporting activities, beautification of the school premises as well as performance of the students in the schools in competition and external examinations.

11 of the Best Primary Schools to Attend in Anambra State | No. 9’s the Best

Parents are expected to know that primary school is one of the most important parts of the education life of the child. Students that find it very hard to perform very well in their primary school period, find it very difficult to do so in their secondary school. and because of that, parents and guardians are expected to place their wards/children in the primary schools in the state that afford and would give the child the best.

Top 11 Best Primary Schools in Anambra State

Well, Anambra State has a lot of amazing nursery and primary schools, below are best in the state.

  1. Nkwelle Primary School.

  2. Noble Trail Academy.

  3. Adorable British Schools.

  4. Udeozo Primary School.

  5. Living Christ Nursery.

  6. Obi Okosi primary School.

  7. Ameso Nursery & Primary School.

  8. Regina Mundi Primary School.

  9. Modebe Memorial Primary School.

  10. Climax International Schools.

  11. Good Shepherd Primary and Secondary School.

And this is my list of the best primary schools in Nigeria. The schools on my list meet the best academic standards, so you should consider placing your child or ward in any of the schools. There are lots of other amazing schools in the state, you can choose to search for them if you feel the ones on my list is not good enough.