11 of the Best Primary Schools to Attend in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria | No. 8’s Top-Notch

The Top 11 Best Primary Schools in Akwa Ibom state, is what you would be giving you in this content below. the schools on my list are based on facilities for teaching and learning, the quality of teachers in the school and sporting activities, beautification of the school premises as well as performance of the students in the schools in competition and external examinations.

11 of the Best Primary Schools to Attend in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria | No. 8's Top-Notch

Well, Akwa Ibom state has a lot of amazing nursery and primary schools and I would be giving 11 of the best in the state.

As a parent, you are expected to know that primary school is one of the most important parts of the education life of the child. Most students that could not perform very well in their primary school period, find it very difficult to do so in their secondary school time. and because of that, parents and guardians are expected to place their wards in the best primary schools in the state that they can find and afford.

11 Best Primary Schools in Akwa Ibom State

Below is my list of the Top 11 Best Primary Schools in Akwa Ibom. These schools have produced a lot of amazing students, and they would continue to produce more. They include:

  1. Esteem Int’l Nursery & Primary School, Abak.

  2. Full Life International School, Uyo.

  3. Monef Kiddies School, Uyo.

  4. Graceland Schools, Uyo.

  5. Ultra-Excellence Model Nursery & Primary School, Uyo.

  6. Kingdom Heritage Schools, Uyo.

  7. Dove International Schools, Uyo.

  8. Etiedu Nursery and Primary School, Oron.

  9. Rayfield Int’l Nursery & Primary School, Uyo.

  10. Aylward School.

  11. Daylight Schools.

if you decide to make your research about the schools on my list, you would discover that they have been the best the state has provided so far.


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