11 of the Best Primary Schools to Attend in Adamawa State | No. 7’s the Best

Adamawa state has a lot of interesting primary schools, and most of those schools have produced a lot of brilliant students, and below I would be giving you the Top 11 Best Primary Schools in Adamawa State.

So, if you are relocating there for the first time, to Adamawa state, and you want to place your child in a nice Primary School in the state, then my list has you covered. Some of the schools on my list happen to be some of the best schools in the country.

Compared to secondary schools, Adamawa state has a lot of amazing primary schools, and many of them are private which means primary education in Adamawa is a lot better than secondary because there are more Government-owned secondary schools in the state than private.

So far, private schools in Nigeria have been seen to do a lot better than most government schools in Nigeria, and the same goes for the primary schools in Adamawa state. so, with that stated, below expect some of the best primary schools in Adamawa State.

Top 11 Best Primary Schools in Adamawa State

The Top 11 Best Primary Schools in Adamawa State is stated below. the schools stated below are some of the best schools in the state, so feel free to admit your child to any of the schools below.

  1. Better Foundation Nursery and Primary school

  2. Dong Nursery and Primary school

  3. Evangel Nursery and Primary school

  4. Kings Academy Nursery and Primary school

  5. LCCN, Bali Nursery and Primary school

  6. LCCN, Billi Nursery and Primary school

  7. Salvation, Kowon Dowaya Nursery and Primary school

  8. Namba Christian Nursery and Primary school

  9. Precious Child Nursery and Primary school

  10. Darul AlQam/Ismiyya Nursery and Primary school

  11. Jauro Demsa Islamiyya Nursery and Primary school

And this is my list of the best primary schools in Adamawa. There are a lot more interesting and amazing schools in the state, but the ones on my list are my personal favorite.



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