Top 6 Best Driving Schools in Borno State Nigeria

If you are looking for one of the best driving schools to attend in Borno State, you are definitely in the right place. So, stay put to get all the necessary information and possible directions needed.

Best Borno State Driving Schools Near You; Top 6 Schools

If you plan on getting a driving job, it is a must you become a professional driver to achieve driving safely. And, to achieve being a professional driver you have to attend a good driving school to get the best knowledge in driving.

6 Best Driving Schools in Borno State Nigeria

Definitely, what You will get here are the Best Driving Schools in Borno State as a lot of people are looking for them.

However, in order for you to be able to drive freely in Borno State, in fact, the whole of Nigeria, you must have a driving license. So, this means you should be watchful of the type of driving school you attend. And, what this means is that before attending any driving school in Borno State, you should note if it is approved by the FRSC.

Here is the list of the best driving schools that has the approval of the Federal road safety commission. And, they are as follows:

1. Transkill Driving School

This is one of the best driving schools in Borno State that you can attend to get standard training to become a professional driver. And, they meet all the basic requirement that enables them to produce good drivers in society.

Location: Suite 12 borim plaza opposite State mechanic workshop, Basa Road, Maiduguri.

2. Alheri Baba Driving

Another good driving school to attend in Borno state is ‘Alheri Baba Driving’. A school which gives in best in teaching its clients the do and don’t of driving. So, if you are looking for a driving school to enrol in Borno State, you can try them out.

Location: Gambori ward Maiduguri, Borno state.

3. Marshal Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Borno state

Yes, not all driving schools in this State are approved by the federal road safety commission, but the marshal is among the ones with the approval of FRSC. Also, they are very efficient in training drivers.

Location: Number 59 Maiduguri Plaza, Margaram road, Borno State.

4. Hassania Driving

If you looking for a reliable driving school, this school will really be a great choice for you. And, this is because you will get all the necessary basics that will enable you to become a good driver in society.

Location: Number D9 Raat Complex, Maiduguri.

5. Yerwa Driving School

Yerwa Driving School is among the best driving schools to attend in this State. Besides attending this school, you get the opportunity to learn both the theoretical and practical parts of driving. So, you actually consider attending this driving school.

Location: Number 7, Golden Plaza opposite El-kelemi College of Science and Islamic Theology Maiduguri.

6. Visible Learning Driving School is on the List of Best Driving Schools in Borno state

If you are interested in learning how to drive and you don’t know which school is suitable for you, try out this school. Surely, you will achieve your aim of learning how to drive.

Location: Galadima junction, Maiduguri, Borno state.


Lastly, you shouldn’t be having issues when it comes to searching for the best driving school in Borno State. So, make the right enquires and startup a class in one of the driving schools in the State. Also, remember that is very necessary for the school to be approved by the FRSC.

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