Top 15 Best Driving Schools in Bayelsa State Nigeria

There are so many driving schools in Bayelsa State, however, only a few of them are considered the best. The list below will expose you to the best you can find in that state.

Best Bayelsa State Driving Schools Near You; Top 15 Schools

15 Best Driving Schools in Bayelsa State Nigeria

Definitely, what You will get here are the 5 Best Driving Schools in Bayelsa State Nigeria as a lot of people are looking for them.

1. AA Driving School

Firstly, we have the AA driving school located along Km 18, Mbiama-Yenagoa Road, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State Nigeria. For those in Yenagoa, this should be your first choice.

2. Chelok Drive Academy

Secondly, one of the best driving schools around the Baptist church in Biogbolo is Chelok Drive Academy. It’s opposite the Baptist church.

3. Nengsobin Driving School is among the Best Schools in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State

Thirdly, we have Nengsobin. For those living close to the Atlanta filling station in Yenagoa, the best place to get your driving lessons is in Nengsobin. They have good really good services.

4. Stealth Driving School

Next to Nengsobin is Stealth. Stealth is located along INEC Road right in the capital of Bayelsa- Yenagoa. Stealth prioritizes making sure its students are not just good drivers but also aware of all the technological advancements involved in driving.

5. D.G Motors Driving School

D.G Motors also have a driving school that is considered one of the best schools in Bayelsa. For those around Nigeria immigration services in Yenagoa, this is the school that is nearest to your location.

6. Bayelsa State Driving Academy is among the top Best Driving Schools located in Marine Base Bayelsa

Right in the marine base is one best options that you can consider so far as driving is concerned.

7. The Foundation Driving School

Since Yenagoa is the state capital, it is only natural that most of the best driving schools in Bayelsa are located here. The foundation is situated opposite the NNPC filling station, Akenfa.

8. Cynchris Driving School

If the above options don’t appeal to you, another driving school to consider is Cynchris Driving School.

9. De Peacemaker Driving School

In addition, the aforementioned De Peacemaker Driving School is also among the best driving schools in Bayelsa. You can find their office at IVC House C/OChief Okiro Melford Yena Okutukutu.

10. Covenant Automobile is among the Best Driving Schools in AMASSOMA, Bayelsa

Covenant Automobile is invested in teaching its students how to drive as well as safety measures that should be observed on the highway. Their office is located at No.30 Boro Road AMASSOMA Bayelsa.

11. D’Project Driving School

Located on the 1st Floor of Ikisa Plaza opposite NUJ Azikoro Road, Ekeki, D’Project Driving School cannot go unmentioned because their services are tremendous.

12. Steel Part Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Azikoro, Bayelsa

Those in Azikoro village are not left out either. Steel Part Driving School will be able to help anyone interested in learning how to drive as well as getting certification from the right authorities.

13. BB Driving School

Without a doubt, BB driving school is one of the best in Kolga Bayelsa. For those interested their office is located at Buseri House, Isokiwari Compound Kaima Kolga

14. Samme Driving Institute

Surprisingly, we have another driving school in Yenagoa. It’s iocated at 55 Nikton Road Kpansia Yenagoa. It is also one of the best driving schools in Bayelsa. Feel free to explore their institute.

15. Rescue Driving School is One of the Best Driving Schools in Bayelsa State

Finally, it’s interesting to know that this list ends with rescue driving school. For those in Kutu Mbiania, the school is along Km 180 Kutu Mbiania Road Bayelsa. It is by no means not the least, it’s just the last on this list.


In conclusion, I believe that this list will be of much help to you in finding the best driving schools suitable for yourself and your loved ones. Above all, make sure that you complete your training and get your license as soon as possible..

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