Top 23 Best Driving Schools in Anambra State Nigeria

Are you looking for one of the best driving schools in Anambra State? Surely, the State has lots of driving schools you can attend. Besides, in your search for a good driving school, you need to take note of their teaching skills.

Best Anambra State Driving Schools Near You; Top 23 Schools

Moreover, you attending one of the best driving schools will help you in becoming a professional driver in society. So, once you are done learning how to drive, you can go ahead to collect your license in driving.

23 Best Driving Schools in Anambra State Nigeria

Definitely, what You will get here are the Best Driving Schools in Anambra State as a lot of people are looking for them.

1. Onyi Driving School

Onyi driving school is one of the best driving schools in Anambra State where you can gain adequate skills and knowledge of driving.

2. Premium standard Driving School

If you are looking for a standard driving school to attend in Anambra State, this is one among many others. So, attending this school, you will definitely get good driving skills.

3. Arise Driving School 

Also, this is among the top driving schools you will enjoy attending. And, in this driving school, they have one of the best trainers.

4. Juemnzu Driving School is one the Best in Anambra State

However, if you are close to Obosi central motor park and need to learn how to drive, this school will really be helpful to you. So, you can consider registering in this driving school in Anambra state.

5. Amcel Driving School

Amcel driving school will definitely offer a great job when it comes to teaching you how to drive. And, it is among the best driving schools in Awka.

6. Ceazer’s Driving School 

Furthermore, another top driving school in Anambra State is this school. So, if you stay in Awka and wish to learn how to drive you can always contact them to render training services to you.

7. Safety Wheel Driving School

As a learner in driving, once you attend this driving school you will definitely become a professional driver. Also, they will teach you all you need to know in to achieve driving safely.

8. Ben-Dist Driving School is Among the Top in Anambra State

This is also a good driving school in Anambra State where you can learn how to drive. So, do not be excite to sign up for classes for driving lessons with them.

9. Sunbean Driving School

Sunbean driving school will surely do a great job in giving you the best training in teaching you how to drive. Besides, if you are a dedicated learner, you will grab how to drive in a short duration of time.

10. Chikonz Driving School

Are you looking for a good driving school to attend in Anambra State? Chikonz driving school is there to provide all the required guidelines for you to become a good driver.

11. Silver Driving School

For you to know all the basic skills and knowledge in driving, you have to attend a very standard driving school. And, silver driving is among the driving schools you should consider attending.

12. Ndupedal International Driving School: Top Driving Schools in Anambra State

Also, if you reside in Anambra State, this is a good school for anyone interested in learning all the necessary driving skills. So, you can pick up a registration form and start attending your driving classes.

13. Sunbeam Driving School

Driving may seem difficult if you don’t attend a driving school that knows how patiently teach you to make driving easy for you. Surely, sunbeam driving school will definitely give you the best coaching you require.

14. Ace Center Driving School

Also, this is also one of the top driving schools that are registered by the federal road safety commission.

15. Kene Driving School

Moreover, to learn to drive without too much stress in a little while, you can attend this driving school. Also, you will definitely never regret attending this driving school in this State.

8 Other Driving Schools and Their Locations in Anambra State

  1. Bella Driving Academy: This driving school is at 1c Nwosi Lane near court road, Onisha.
  2. Forthman Driving School: Number 16 Patifin Plaza, Obosi, Awka.
  3. King and Prince Driving School: Number 11 Agba Street Abubor Nnewichi Nnewi.
  4. Chichi Best Driving School: Number 16 Enugu-Agidi road, Amawbia.
  5. Gate Way Driving School: Number 51 Nwazika Awada, Obosi.
  6. Agape Driving School: C.W.O plaza, St martin hilltop parish, Abagana.
  7. Tojah Driving School: It is behind the party house Abagana Njikoka Local government area.
  8. Koko’s Simba Driving School: Number 8 of Eze Ogidi road Uruagu Nnewi.


Lastly, as a learner in driving, you have to choose among the best driving schools to become a professional driver. And, do not just attend any type of driving school. Also, make sure the school is approved by the federal road safety commission in Anambra State.

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