18 Best Careers for Male & Female Aquarius This Year 2023

Aquarius is the 11th zodiac sign. It is symbolized by the Water Bearer, a symbol of the Gods bringing essential nutrients to the Earth. Aquarians are self-reliant and clever. There are some careers that best suit Aquarians.

Best Aquarians Careers for Male & Female in 2023; Top 18

Aquarius people are people born between January 20 to February 18. They are considered optimistic people. They are usually calm and sensitive. Their elemental sign is Air, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. We are going to be talking about careers for these amazing people.

Top 9 Best Careers for Male Aquarians

Aquarius men are usually charismatic and unique in their way. The Aquarius traits in men are very dominant in every aspect of their lives, be it personal or professional. Now let’s talk about the best careers suited for Aquarius men;

1. Social Worker:

Being a social worker is one excellent choice for a male Aquarius. This career allows them to practice universal love and understanding without becoming emotionally involved. They love to genuinely help people in need and see, with their guidance, families succeed.

2. Computer Programmer:

Well, any sign can be a computer programmer, but it just seems like it’s more compatible with Aquarians.  Computer programmers are there to look at unique ways to solve technical problems and fix software errors.

They have to dismantle, code, debug and do all sorts of things. I mean whoever programs a computer has to be smart right? Yeah, that’s why it’s perfect for Aquarians. They are super smart.

3. A Judge Is One Of The Best Careers Of Male Aquarians:

We all know that men are egoistic and they love to be right. Well, Aquarius men are even more than that. Aquarius men love to put up a do-gooder personality, positions where they can help advocate for others.

Which is why being a judge is a perfect career for them. They get to mediate between two parties, come to a compromise, decide which is right and come up with a solution. How convenient!

4. Scientist:

Because charisma is a characteristic of an Aquarian, this job suits them. Aquarians are curious and it drives them to add to their knowledge bank and that is why being a Scientist is a suitable profession for male Aquarians.

On top of that, being in a scientific profession enables an Aquarian to be connected with innovative and scientific things.

5. Artist:

Aquarians are creative. They love to showcase their point of view through creativity and artistic displays. Whether through large or thoughtful exhibitions, the work of an Aquarian tends to come up with ideas that no other person or sign would think of. This self-expression gives them a sense of purpose.

6. Being A Fundraiser Is Also One Of The Best Careers For Male Aquarians:

Aquarians naturally are givers. They love to give as much as they love to help. They can pursue positions that are much-needed but usually are hard to commit to thanks to their lack of financial compensation.

But given this opportunity, Aquarians thrive in helping community centres, schools and other non-profit organizations raise the capital they need to manage and run events and programs.

7. Electrician:

Aquarians are naturally drawn to scientific and technological work. As an electrician, they will be able to work with software and design to solve problems and, as always, help others.

Aquarians work well in science and technology industries, so becoming an electrician whether for a big company or as an entrepreneur is a perfect career.

8. Political Activist:

Aquarians love anything can throw their time and energy to. And since they love to help people, politics is really about the people. They would give anything to have their own rightful leaders.

They can get consumed by circulating petitions, writing to politicians, and lobbying the government and they are never afraid to confront the government with any suspicions of corruption or mismanagement of funds.

9. The Job Of A Professor Is Best Of A Career For male Aquarians:

Aquarians generally love to impact people in different ways, and knowledge impacting is also one of them. Exploring the humanities is right up your alley Aquarius and with your compassion and need to make the world a better place, the university setting is ideal for you.

They do not mind confining themselves to university walls. As long as they get to impact knowledge, who cares!

Top 9 Best Careers for Female Aquarians

Aquarius women are known to be honest, creative, passionate and all sorts of things. They are sometimes unpredictable. They also tend to take a firm stand in what they believe. Let’s take a look at where these traits can help in choosing careers;

1. Highschool Teacher:

Most Aquarians are selfless. Now imagine a selfless Aquarian, I know right? An Aquarian loves to impact lives. And the fact that they love kids cannot even be emphasized enough.

No matter the gender or age grade they work with, a teaching career allows them to help others and work on themselves.

2. Activist:

Whether for charity or politics, their passionate trait enables this a suitable job for them. Aquarians make excellent activists. They are never afraid to ask challenging questions, and they stand up for what’s right. They also put their foot down in their decisions.

3. One Of The Best Careers for A Female Aquarian Is “Museum Curator”:

Due to the nature of curiosity in Aquarians, they love to pry and investigate. They tend to research and find out all about something their passionate about. Additionally, collecting antiquities and art, or learning about scientific and historic breakthroughs ignites a fire in an Aquarian.

A museum curator is responsible for collecting and exhibiting arts and artefacts in the museum. Sounds like a decent enough job for a lady to me.

4. Actor:

A woman naturally loves attention, and the kind of attention that comes with being an actor is thrilling for a female Aquarian. Being in the acting industry enables a female Aquarian to own up fully to her traits.

Remember that female Aquarians are passionate people and this is the ideal job for them to be fully passionate.

5. Project Manager:

Project management is a job that suits an Aquarian as they enjoy working freely without any form of interference. Being a project manager allows for a degree of collaboration, placing an Aquarian in the role of helping, as they love to help.

This career is not tiring. and the pressure a project manager gets is sometimes thrilling to Aquarian females.

6. Women Make Amazing Scientists. That’s Why This Career Is Best For Female Aquarians:

Like I said earlier, Aquarians are curious. That curiosity is what makes being a scientist a suited career for them. Their curiosity is what drives them to research.

Whether in the lab, as a researcher or in the field, the in-depth thinking of an Aquarian makes them ideal candidates for a scientist.

7. Social worker:

A social worker must help needy people in society. Ranging from disadvantaged children to the elderly. Incidentally, being able to help others from a position of power while maintaining some distance appeals to their personality.

Social work allows for a female Aquarian’s natural curiosity. While there are rules that need to be followed, they usually have a solid cause behind them.

8. Environmental Engineer:

Aquarians are fascinated with technology. and Aquarian females are generally ambitious. Becoming an engineer is a dream job for Aquarians. since females are even more caring than men, being an Environmental engineer is a more suited job for them.

Being an engineer will also ensure they are thinking creatively, solving problems and changing the world.

9. Being A Life Coach is Ideally The Best Career for A Female Aquarian:

Being a life coach is an ideal career for a female Aquarian. Their intuitive nature combined with their desire to help others will help them in their ambition.

Contributing to the lives of others will be satisfying for a female Aquarian. as Aquarians generally love to help people. Guiding people and seeing them succeed brings joy to an Aquarian.


Aquarius people are loveable people in nature. Their character traits enable people to love, respect and cherish them. They tend to go out of their way to help people, so it’s no wonder they are loved.

If you were born between January 20 and February 18, then your zodiac sign is Aquarius, which means you’re an Aquarian. As humans, we generally get confused about what career path to follow, so I hope this list has been able to help Aquarians out there.

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