18 Best Careers for Leo Males & Females this Year 2023

Anyone that is born between July 23rd and August 22nd is known as Leos and there are careers that are best and most suitable for them. So, if you were born during this period of the year, you are surely unique in your own way.

Best Leos Careers for Male & Female in 2023; Top 18

However, Leos are known to be very confident of their selves and very ambitious in life. Besides, all Leos have great personality that fits some job roles in the world.

Leos Zodiac Sign Characteristics

  • Leos loves being the center of attention.
  • They are very confident in themselves.
  • Also, Leos tend to be very generous and loyal.
  • Leos are professional when it comes to reading people’s true intentions.
  • They are also very creative and determined.

9 Suitable Careers for Leos Male

1. Detective

Any Leo man will do well in becoming a detective. And, this is because Leos tends to detect liars and people with true intentions.

2. Actor

Acting is one of Leo’s best careers because they have unique charisma. Also, they love being the center of attention. So, you will definitely fit in this career path.

3. Politician Is One of the Best Careers for Leos

Anyone that is born between July 23 and August 22 has all the potential to become a politician. And, this is because Leos are very confident and determined in whatever they do.

4. Human Resources

A Leo man will do perfectly well in choosing this career path in life. Moreover, they are very ambitious and bold in taking any step or decision. Also, they have some leadership skills.

5. College Professor

With their unique and fierce lifestyle, a Leo male will do well in becoming a college professor. Also, Leos are good at inspiring people a lot, so as a college professor, you can be able to inspire young adults.

6. Becoming an Inventor is among the careers for Leos

Leos are always confident in themselves and like doing things on their own. And, this means they can choose to become an investor.

7. Personal Trainer

When it comes to being fit, Leos are always at the top of their game. Moreover, they love their personal look a lot. So, any Leo male will do well if he chooses to become a personal trainer.

8. Broadcaster

Broadcasting is one of the best careers for Leos because they are attention seeks and loves to appear very competent. Certainly, anybody born between July 23rd and August 22nd will make a good broadcaster.

9. An architect is also on the List of careers for Leos

Leos are very creative and ambitious so they can choose to venture into architectural design. So, as a Leo, you can consider being an architect.

9 Best Careers for Leos Female

1. Motivational Speaker

Being a motivational speaker isn’t an easy career path but Leos have the ability and personality of inspiring people. Moreover, they are very bold so they will excel greatly as a motivational speaker.

2. Designer

If you are looking for a good career path, you can consider starting a fashion shop or simply gaining skills in fashion design. Besides, they are very dynamic and creative, so they can be the best among their peers as a designer.

3. One of the Best Careers for Leos to Become a Teacher

Becoming a teacher is also among the best careers for Leos. However, to do well in teaching you have to be confident, determined, and inspiring, and Leos have all these in their personality.

4. Entrepreneur

Determination alone plays a major role in anybody that is working towards being an entrepreneur. And, Leo women love to do things on their own with so much determination. This means they will surely excel by choosing their career path of becoming an entrepreneur.

5. Actress

Females who are Leos are very drama-adoring and always want to be the center of attraction. Also, they love having fun, so with this personality, she will definitely do well as an actress.

6. Nonprofit work is Also One of the Best Careers for Leos

Due to their generous and warm-hearted lifestyle, Leo is willing to help anybody in need. So, this makes some of them go into charity and set up nonprofit organizations.

7. Consultant

Leos are good at finding solutions to problems because they are always determined in whatever they place their minds on. So, they can choose the career path of becoming a brand or business consultant.

8. Social Media Influencers

This is also a good career for any Leo female, when it comes to influencing people or advertising, they surely will fit in the job role. And, this means you can consider this as a career path to follow.

9. Being a Writer is Among the Best Careers for Leos

The Leos always want to be in control, so as a writer they would be able to be creative and be in charge through their own writings. So, this is another great career for Leos.


It is very important for you to do whatever suits your personality as a person. Although, not everyone believes in zodiac signs but still make sure you look into your personality and do what is best for you. So, as a Leo, you can choose one of the careers listed above.

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