Best Boarding Schools in Yobe State Nigeria | No 2’s the Best

There are a lot of boarding schools in Yobe State, so all you have to do is to pick the best among all of them. Yobe State is located in the northern part of Nigeria and has so much value for education. So, it is a state you can consider enrolling your child in their boarding schools.

Best Boarding Schools Yobe State Nigeria; 5 Options

Moreover, it is very important that you carefully make inquiries about the boarding school you want your child to attend. And, it is because once your child attends a boarding school, you only get to see him or her during holidays. This means your child will live within the school premises until they complete their education in the school.

Best Boarding Schools to Attend in Yobe State

Do not worry about the different boarding schools in Yobe State, all you have to do is to pick your choice among all others. We are here to help you out with the list of the best boarding in the state. And, they are as follows:

1. Government Girls Science and Technical Secondary School, Dapchi

This is one of the best boarding schools located at Dapchi in Yobe State. And, it is a school that highly supports female education. So, your girl child can get the required secondary knowledge in their various classes and departments from this great school.

However, the school is open to grooming and training bright and smart students. And, it is a coeducational boarding secondary school with teachers that are highly qualified and certified.

2. Federal Government College (FGC) Buni Yadi

The federal government college has one of its branches in Buni Yabi, Yobe state. Moreover, FGC is known as one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria that offers the best educational services to its students. If you are looking for a school that will help in grooming your child properly, consider this great school.

It is one of the unity schools established by the federal government of Nigeria. And, a great citadel of learning that helps in producing the right leaders of tomorrow.

3. Government Science and Technical Secondary School is Among the Best Boarding Schools in Yobe State

Another great boarding school with the aim of providing their students with the best knowledge they deserve. A child that attends this great school has a lot to learn both academically, morally, and even skills acquisition. And, the teachers of the institution are highly qualified and certified.

4. Leaders Private School Damaturu, Damaturu, Yobe

It is one of the secondary schools where academic excellence and discipline come first. It is a boarding and day coeducational secondary school with magnificent facilities. Moreover, the School is in a very serene environment with good security for students.

5. Federal Government Girls College (FGGC) Potiskum is Also One of the Best Boarding Schools in Yobe State

The federal government girls’ college is a very popular and reputable academic institution with branches across major Nigerian cities. Also, FGGC is one of the top secondary schools in Yobe State. And, the school has top-notch facilities and qualified teachers.

A boarding that offers the best training to female children, not only academically but also morally. And, this school produces great women that can stand out in society.


Parents are to make sure they give their children the right and best education they deserve. Moreover, these children are the leaders of tomorrow which means they deserve the best academically and morally. So, pick among the best boarding school to enroll your wards.

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