5 of the Best Boarding Schools in Taraba State Nigeria | No. 2’s Top Notch

Taraba State which is located in the northern part of Nigeria values education a lot, so you will definitely get the best boarding schools there. However, choosing a good boarding school for your child to attend can sometimes be difficult, if you do not make proper research about the school.

Best Boarding Schools Taraba State Nigeria; 5 Options

The success of a child is also based on the standard of education they acquire. Also, it is very important for parents to give their children the right education to enable them to become more relevant in society. So, enroll your children in a good school so they can get the best education services.

5 Best Boarding Schools to Attend in Taraba State Nigeria

Are you having issues with which boarding school to enroll your child in Taraba State? Do not worry about that, here we will be listing out the best boarding schools. And, they are as follows;

1. Holy Ghost College Sankara

Holy Ghost College is a great boarding school in Taraba State that is run by the Holy Ghost fathers. Moreover, the school provides a conducive teaching and learning environment. Importantly, there is no form of examination malpractice in this great school and their teachers are all qualified and dedicated.

2. Federal Science and Technical College, Jalingo

The boarding school is in the Magami area of Jalingo in Taraba State. Also, the school’s aim is to provide quality education towards developing the God-given talent in a child and ability. And, the college offers a comprehensive and all-embracing curriculum for academic excellence and total development of its students.

3. Walter Gowans Memorial College is one of the Best Boarding Schools in Taraba State.

However, this is a boarding school that strives to impact the knowledge and orientation required to provide and create the change needed for national development. So, you can enroll your child in this great school to acquire standard knowledge from the dedicated teachers and management.

4. Federal Government College, Wukari

This boarding school is established by the federal government of Nigeria and has branches all over Nigeria. And this school has a serene learning environment with highly qualified staff to give the students a good education.

5. Federal Government Girls College (FGGC)

FGGC, Jalingo is one of the 104 Federal Government-owned Unity Colleges run by the Federal Ministry of Education, Nigeria. Also, it is schools that support female education. So, this is the right school your female child can attend in Taraba State to get adequate knowledge to become an industrious and independent woman in society.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Boarding Schools in Taraba State

Make sure the school is a conducive and safe environment. And, this is because since your child will stay within the school premises, it has to be very safe and conducive.

Also, ensure the school has government approval and make enquirers about their past results on external examinations like WAEC and NECO.

The school should have all the necessary teaching and learning facilities and equipment. All the classrooms, laboratories, and hotels should be well structured and conducive for the students.

Finally, the school must be a school that has discipline, so they can inculcate good habits and manners in the students.


Ensure you make your enquirers properly before enrolling your child into any of the boarding schools in Taraba State. However, this is indeed very necessary especially because it is a boarding school. So, wish your child the best of luck in their studies in any boarding school you choose.

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