7 of the Best Boarding Schools in Ogun State Nigeria | No. 1’s Top Notch

There are so many boarding schools in Ogun State, so it is advisable to choose the best one for your child to attend. Ogun state has a lot of day and boarding schools, it’s all left for you to make your choice of which of the schools to attend and acquire adequate knowledge.

Best Boarding Schools Ogun State Nigeria; 7 Options

Education has so many advantages and roles to play in one’s life. So, it is required of you as a parent to give your children the best education they deserve. By doing this you are helping your children acquire the right knowledge and training for a better tomorrow.

7 Best Boarding Schools to Attend in Ogun State

Choosing the best boarding school to enroll your child can be sometimes tasking. But do not worry yourself, we are here to help you out with some good schools. And, they include:

1. Corona Secondary School Agbara

Corona school is one of the best co-educational secondary schools in Ogun state. Also, the mission of the school is to provide world-class education to its students. And, the school attracts and retains well-trained and skilled teachers in all subjects and departments.

2. Nigerian Navy Secondary School Abeokuta

Nigerian Navy Secondary School Abeokuta is a secondary school located in Abeokuta, Ogun State. Importantly, the school provides good and conducive teaching and learning environment for students to attain academic excellence. So, this is one of the best schools you can attend in Ogun state.

 3. One of the Beat Boarding Schools in Ogun State is Mercyland International School

Mercyland international school is a home away from home. However, the school encourages its students and pupils to develop integral life skills through sports, social, academics, and other activities. Also, if your child attends this school, he or she becomes self-confident, morally upright, and expresses themselves positively with humility.

4. Day Waterman College

This school offers world-class facilities in an environment with a natural, peaceful, and focused setting. Also, the school has equipment and facilities of outstanding quality to support the learning environment. And, the college offers extensive and varied co-curricular activities.

5. Rainbow College School

This school serves to prepare boys and girls for additional education in any university around the world. Furthermore, the school was founded in the year 1996 and is located at Lagos/Ibadan expressway, Ogun state. And, this is a college that offers educational programs for students of all nationalities.

 6. Nobelhouse College is Among the Best Boarding Schools in Ogun State

Nobelhouse College is one of the foremost secondary schools in Abeokuta which provides outstanding, world-class education to children. The school inculcates its students with the best knowledge academically and morally. And, it is a day and boarding that makes use of the British Nigerian curriculum to teach their students.

7. Federal Government College, Odogbolu

FGC is a school that is well known because of its standards and disciplined act toward its students. And, the Odogbolu branch in Ogun state was founded in January 1973. The school offers day and boarding facilities and equipment.

Also, the school offers affordable school fees because it is a federal government school. So, consider this a great school for your child.


However, there are so many advantages you stand to gain if you attain a school that has high standards and a good reputation. Also, good education helps society to have lower crimes, better overall health, and civic involvement. So, as a parent try to give your child the best educational service.

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