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Lagos state has one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria, so you are on track if you want your child to school there. These days parents have to be very watchful of the type of school their children are to attend. Also, especially when it has to be a boarding school.

Best Boarding Schools Lagos State Nigeria; 7 options

For a child to have the best education, you have to at least enroll him or her in a very good school. However, you have to make enquire about the school to know how the school operates. So, do well to give your child the best education they deserve to become a leader of tomorrow.

7 Best Boarding Schools in Lagos State

Choosing among the best schools to attend in Lagos state is a very good idea. And, we are here with some of the best schools, which are as follows:

1. Lagos state model college, kankon

Kankon model college, as it is called is one of the best boarding schools in Lagos state. However, this school is owned by the state and located along Owode-Apa road of Badagry LGA, Lagos State. Also, the school’s members of staff commit themselves to spiritually, academically, and morally training their students.

2. Nigerian Navy Secondary School

The Nigerian Navy Secondary School (NNSS) Ojo is the first secondary school established by the Nigerian Navy (NN) in 1982. A school is known for its discipline towards its students. And, it is one of the best boarding schools, that has branches in different states in Nigeria.

3. Federal Government College, Ijanikin is one of the Best Boarding Schools in Lagos State

FGC is a co-educational day and boarding secondary school that offers the best to its students to stand out in society. Also, the school is in a very conducive area in Ijanikin, Lagos state. And, FGC prepares students for excellent performance in external examinations.

4. Jextoban Secondary School

A school with the mission to develop the total personality of the child through values to excel in the global society. However, this school has all the necessary learning aid that includes spacious classrooms, a well-structured hostel, and many more. This is one of the best schools your child can attend in Lagos state.

5. Chrisland College Idimu

Another good boarding school in Lagos state provides quality education. At Chrisland college Idimu, they understand that character is as important as knowledge, Also, the school is focused on availing children from diverse cultural backgrounds, with good and standards educational service.

6. Badagry Grammar school is also among the Best Boarding Schools in Lagos State

This is a government school with the purpose of promoting quality education in a conducive training environment. This is a good school that will inculcate good habits and morals in your wards. So, consider enrolling your child in this school in Lagos state to get the best knowledge.

7. Lekki British School

Lekki British School is a British international school in Lekki, Lagos State. It serves preschool, junior school, and high school on its 25 acres of campus. There is a boarding facility for high school students. So, this is a school that teaches its children British standards and it is one of the best boarding schools in Lagos state.


Make sure your children attend a good school to get the best knowledge academically and morally. All parents are to play their roles properly in giving their children the best education they deserve. So, do well to choose one of the best standard schools in Lagos state to enroll your child.

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