5 of the Best Boarding Schools in Kwara State Nigeria | No. 3’s the Best

There are quite a number of boarding schools in kwara state, so it is your duty as a parent to choose the best for your child. Every good parent will want the best for their children in all areas of their lives including academically. So, ensure you play your role well to give your children the best education they deserve.

Best Boarding Schools Kwara State Nigeria; 5 options

Education as we all know is one of the keys to success in life. And, if a person acquires the best knowledge, it cannot be taken from him or her. However, the type of school a child attends will also affect them positively or negatively. So, this is why it is advisable you choose a good school to enroll the child.

5 Best Boarding Schools to Attend in Kwara State

Do not worry yourself too much in searching for one of the best boarding schools in kwara state. Here is a list of the best boarding schools in kwara state.

1. An-nur Islamic Schools

An-nur Islamic school is a great citadel of learning for both elementary and advanced stages of children’s education. Also, this school has a unique combination of western and Islamic educational standards. It is a day and boarding school that has all the necessary aids for teaching and learning.

2. Effective International College

Effective International College, Ilorin is indeed a place to be with experienced and well-motivated Teachers. Whereas, the school as the school’s name implies, students are effective learning to become leaders of tomorrow. And, this international school is one of the best in kwara state.

3. Federal Government College, Ilorin is one of the Best Boarding schools in Kwara State

FGC is a federal school with A co-educational view of fostering and inculcating good and lasting moral values in young ones. There are branches of this school in all over Nigeria. FGC is a boarding school that is located at Ilorin in Kwara state. If you want your child to attend a school that has discipline, try this school and you will not regret your decision of choosing it.

3. RoyalPalm International College

This is also one of the best boarding schools in Kwara state, where your child will get the best knowledge both academically and morally. However, this school has a lot of advantages for any child attending it stands to enjoy. It has conducive learning and spacious classroom and boarding facilities. So, consider this school for your wards.

4. Roemichs International Schools

Another co-educational day and boarding school that puts in their best in preparing their students for a better tomorrow. This school also offers other interesting activities like robotics and coding classes, craft and comics, and mater others. So, do not hesitate to enroll your children in this great and standard school.

5. Iqra College llorin is among the Best Boarding Schools in Kwara State

Iqra college is the exact place to be if you want your ward to be totally grounded both in Islamic and western Education. Also, the school’s mission is to imbue children with faith, knowledge, skill, vision, creativity, and determination to impact positively their world. And, it is one of the best schools in kwara state.


In order for you to give your children the best academically, you need to enroll them in a standard school. This will enable them to get a team of professionals that are totally committed to raising a better generation. So, you can simply pick among the best schools listed above.

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